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You're listening to the Sean Pendergast show you can tweet me at Shanti Pendergast at Shanti Pendergast here's Sean Pendergast about twenty minutes from now we'll be joined by Joel Eriksson of the Indianapolis star find out what the buzz factor is on Philip rivers there and they still got a bunch of cap space I think I A. they they have the most going into this well we'll ask you all about it they're they're by far the most I want to see coming into the offseason Chris Ballard is really really good at managing the cap or at least it making sure there's enough dry powder to go make moves like signing Philip rivers but they made the trade for deforest Buckner and they gave him a huge deal and obviously give twenty five million dollars to Philip rivers that'll eat into your cap pretty quickly but I think it's a real credit to Chris Ballard that they had their their their franchise quarterback retire on them in the middle of the pre season last year now my guess is they had more of a heads up than the rest of us had on that I remember the night that it happened sitting there watching a week three preseason game between the cowboys and the Texans and then it was one of those news items we have to check and make sure everybody had a blue check mark next to their name that was talking about it wasn't fake but the but he put a good enough roster together their their quarterback franchise quarterback could retire in the middle of the pre season and still cobble together a decent enough season they they work you know they were an average team slightly below average team but at least a good enough roster were Philip rivers looked and said that's my best chance you'll win is right there to go to Indianapolis credit Chris Ballard for that the last year and that the colts had when you know when inter lockout hurt yep things went to hell in a hand basket because it wasn't a very good foster Ryan Grigson did not do a great job of building a roster there so what we'll talk about that with Joel Eriksson a little later on this hour of me time let's get back to the phones eight by five two one two for CBS to get in let's go to South Carolina Tom your up on CBS sports radio how you doing Tom I'm great thanks for put on the show it's in a nice diversion I really do appreciate it good thank you odd to think real quick first my next door neighbor before I talk about cam Newton my next door neighbor they live in Florida they have two houses they haven't been here in like three months they have a trampoline in the backyard I say that my kids can go jump on the trampoline without asking my wife says no I think it's an unusual time in our country so I love after I finish it what goes on that your your neighbors I think they should just go jump on the trampoline suck at Camden he wanted to run Rivera dot to help about his leg about it I'm sorry does foot and we're very basic got fired because he couldn't manage cam Newton I honestly believe that means a liability even though he's such a great talent obviously when he's right and I I love your your opinion on Camden as a viable quarterback for any team in the NFL sure sure thank you very much okay thanks Tom I'll give you my opinion on both of those things with him it's all about health it's all about help in finding the right fit stylistically did the problem for cam Newton there's two problems for cam Newton one his style of play it's tough to be able to compromise what makes him so unique when he's healthy that physical style of play videos when he's running the football cam Newton is not a guide you can also go we got to dial back his him running and you can just hang in the pocket and pass that's not cams game cans game is always inherently going to be a very physical game so it's tough when his issues have been medical to look at KM and try to look at him in visualizing being what he was when he was the MVP of the league in twenty fifteen the other thing for cam is he does seem like he's a bit of a handful and I don't cover came on a day to day basis I'm just going by what I've observed through the years I know there's a lot of good that comes with cam Newton but chances are can't going to go somewhere and maybe be a back up you know that we were running out of options were camping go be a starter cam cam Newton be a backup quarterback I don't mean physically the physical tools used he even with medical issues is one of the the twenty or twenty five best quarterbacks on the planet probably I mean can can can take Vigo head of being a back up I think it's a big question I don't know that he can do to me there's just I certainly wouldn't trade for cam Newton he's scheduled to make nineteen million this year it would be silly to give up any draft capital they have to pay cam Newton nineteen million Bucks I would wait for Carolina to release him they're basically having cams representation do the heavy lifting right now in finding a deal it appears now more importantly Tom your question about the trampoline and should your kids be able to use your next door neighbors trampoline I thought I would ask this initiative **** as a follow up what's your route to things what's your relationship like with your neighbors and what is their situation in terms of security at the house you know if there's any sort of sensors or anything like that is it just a simple matter of climbing over a fence and jumping on the trampoline if you have that kind of relationship with your neighbors if you're friendly with each other and your kids can get over the fence without it you know without any sort of the issue then there's liability though boy if you climb over there and something happens when your kids Tom I you're not going to hear your I don't like hearing this but I would say no don't do it he there's just I would be curious what your neighbors could do if they found out that you did that I say this is somebody who had a swimming pool in the first house I ever bought in we are next door neighbors if they just assume that our pool was their pool we would come home sometimes on a weekend like in the middle of Saturday afternoon and they would be swimming in our pool like it was the neighborhood pool we eventually had to have a very very Frank conversation with them that that was not acceptable do we like them but we didn't like them that much so I would say as somebody who has owned something more significant than a trampoline Tom you're gonna you're not going to do this I would say stay the hell out of your neighbor's yard in this in this tricky time you don't have your kids get hurt there you are trampolines hello does your trip to the trampoline have a big fancy thing around it you know the netting the webbing what time there's just a lot that goes into this is a complex thing so I think stay on the safe side don't go back there don't go back there Tom and your kids don't go back there I. eight five five two one two for CBS let's head to Calgary Canada yet tonight talk to James James what's going on what's on your mind right Hey thanks for taking my call procedure for most my thoughts and prayers to everyone that's going through this thing we will get through it and hopefully life goes back to normal yeah quick question I've been a Redskins fan forever and with the whole quarterbacks that are out there in the drafting do you think what are you I think that we should give Dwayne Haskins a shot here and and and draft that in the chase young that's supposed to go number two okay soon yeah that yeah the defensive end out of Ohio state yeah he's really good player so so my thoughts are pick that guy up yeah and give Haskins a shot here give me a year at least a year and if it if it doesn't work out then you got Trevor Lawrence coming up next don't you well you do you're gonna have the number one pick overall to get Trevor Lawrence so that's you know they're there they'll be competition it when it comes to sucking there will be competition to get to get Trevor Lawrence let let me let me begin as I I've I've I appreciate the phone call from up in up in Calgary James thank you very much let me let me dig into this I we just got done talking about him Newton and believe it or not the favorite on the board at that online dot AG to be the favorite to get cam Newton services for week one of the twenty twenty out of a regular season is the Washington Redskins at three to two hi I don't know that I see it man I don't know no that would be one place to camp ago cams going there here's a conversation in the system to be the starting quarterback I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be a back up to between Haskins and and can is definitely not at a point his career where he's a veteran guy who kind of takes a guy under his wing that doesn't strike me as cam Newton's deal trading for Nick Foles with Trubisky that makes sense because Foles is a guy who's been a career back up for the most part and seems to be wired that way were he's cool with being able to do that according to everybody who knows Nick Foles can not the case so who knows maybe it's cam Newton it's starting for the Redskins I I think the leader in the clubhouse is that they're gonna roll with Haskins and if they're gonna draft chase young I think it is an occam's razor situation that the obvious answer is the correct answer eight five five two one two for CBS let's go to San Diego let's talk to Chad Chad your up on CBS sports radio my first thing to say actually got it trick question wrong the reward you with whatever you want about the leaner that's true that's a good point thank you yeah you know we and the whole life until they don't right now right so my question is simple one we get validated it reversed the call the Superbowl or do we get validated if somebody like I didn't come here to start another LA all I know we just get well it turns Cindy I personally I got a little echo on the line and we'll let you go Chad I've never understood I was a I never understood but I I I'm not somebody who wants a team leaves the market then I live in that I continue to root for that team I don't root for the Tennessee Titans they left here is the Oilers right after I moved here I moved here in nineteen ninety four in the Oilers laughs within a couple of years so I wasn't nearly as emotionally attached my emotional attachment to a team that left is probably the believe it or not it's the Hartford whalers I grew up in Hartford Connecticut and I was a Hartford whalers season ticket holder and they moved to Carolina and I just sworn off the in the NHL since then thankfully I do sports talk radio in a city that doesn't have an NHL team so my lack of watching the NHL doesn't come back to bite me in on this show I can kind of control the topic flow we don't get a ton of NHL calls on the show but the whole thing of a team that leaves and you keep rooting for him maybe it's different because they're still the Chargers there only a couple hours up to five you know you can drive up there and still watch him play so maybe it's a little different if Philip rivers wins a Super Bowl in Indianapolis are you validated because the charger stuck with him through all those years.

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