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Caught off side with Andrew gumming J J D Benny. Yes. Caught offside from the Upper West side of Manhattan, Andrew gumming, and j J Davani what's up, brother. How are you? I'm doing well doing well. We've got a big show coming up for you here today. We're going to get into yet. Another injury for Tottenham. It is really really starting to pile up for them. Now, it's almost become comical like it's almost become one of those situations for me when when I saw the tweet today from Spurs about the diagnosis. It was just like you kinda just laugh like at just how this is all unfolding now and just like the dark humor in it. So we will talk about some of that also JJ people seem to respond, positively to our in the club segment that we did. And that was for wolves don't say it like that. But typically like look like honest with one another the bulk of time on this podcast is typically spent talking about the big six and maybe Everton, by the way, you nixed. A in DeKalb about leads United in disparaging terms. For one of the biggest clubs in ever bring our off. Mike discussions about this podcast. Cousin people say, Dr people said don't air your dirty laundry in public, but some day dirty laundry makes the best body as what? Yeah. And Muccio salaries dirty laundry was also aired. I'm will be aired on this podcast. Yeah. We are going to catch up with Dan dormer. One of the hosts of the London is blue podcast. Because like we've always said we like having writers on the show. We like having reporters on the show numbers of the media. But you know, we are this. Of course is a podcast, and we support other podcasts the whole podcast community. So we like hearing from people who are kind of like us who don't necessarily purport to be journalists or analysts were kinda just fans that have a Mike and we're very fortunate for that. So we kind of like giving a voice to some other clubs podcasts. Now, the one thing I wanted to say that I didn't say before the wolves one. And I'll say this now, you know, we're having people on from these other podcasts that I can't tell you that I've gone back and listen to everything they said, it's not necessarily an endorsement of all of their views and all that. Yeah. No, no. Because you just never know what kind of things get talked about on some of these writings Pacific podcasts. We were washing our hands of this. We're just we are merely doing our segment on they do their thing. And we are not responsible for any type rent. I barely responsible for our own content. But having said that I I do believe that Dan dormer is a great voice on Chelsea and all things happening with that club. So we're going to talk with him in our in the clubs segment a little bit later on in the podcast because they find themselves as a club right now. In a really really weird spot a couple big things in the news that we want to talk about Tim Howard, an American legend in Evertonian legend has decided that this is going to be this upcoming year will be the final year of his career. So we'll have to talk about that. So yeah, lots and lots to get to we will have another podcast on Thursday of this week. Because obviously the the League Cup second legs are taking place Wednesday and Thursday. There's obviously no drama whatsoever to the Manchester City Burton Albion second leg, which is nine nil. But Tottenham Chelsea not the case lots of drama headed into the second leg so on Thursday after that match is gone final. And we know what the final will be of the League Cup. We'll have a special podcast out for you. But we start now with what we were talking about before. And that is taught them before we start can I? A cross you. Right. Their peers who already have can. I just say that. I got a weird. Well, not weird. It's not that weird..

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