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Remember that deal only through June the thirtieth. All right. Let's go. Call off a yeah. Really, you know, people could only see the blank stare on. Frequently. That's probably because early. You know, it's bad. We're very fortunate to be able to do this. We love doing this show. It's very fun. Yeah. But sometimes we gotta get up really early. And and the problem with getting up really early is like me, I had dreams all night about not getting up in time. And I I had a miserable. My sleeping, you know. Thank god. This is radio too. Because Steve if they senior PJ's you're winning right now. I mean, if you're you're if you the listening audience is if you're like me, I have dreams, but I forget most of them if not nearly all of them, but you have a detailed of exactly what happened on your mazing. Not amazing. It's terrifying. These dreams about you know, like today as I was up and woke up every two hours having dreams that I was late and it was like what's going on. But they say in. I don't know this for a fact, but they say, you know, your dreams are generally like less than ten seconds. But I'm telling you it drains, the whole Niamh mine. Mine are mine are, you know, full full fledged movies. It's it's a it's a full two hours. And it's it's an I max on top of it. So they're they're really terrified. And then, you know, if I'm really this is more than you really need to know what I'm having one of those kind of dreams. Sometimes I drool a little bit. It's even it's even more frustrating. All right. Well, there you go. They were all one big family. Let's go to David David has a Toro lawnmower and David how old's your lawnmower. It's about ten years old. I think thousand eight okay, very good. And when you try to start you say, you have no spark, no spark. Okay. And how did you verify that? I looked at the guy used a battery cable to go around the heart that goes into the frame and connected that to the frame bell. Sometimes that like see it. Well, sometimes even though you know, it works. Well on cars, the best thing you can do is if you can just actually have the plug in the wire in hold it up against the cylinder head of that's all possible. Because you know, you're you're not it's it's an ignition system that generates spark, but not not that much through large long cables because it's called a voltage drop. So if you could have someone just, you know, hold it while you polar and crank, and if you see that spark is nine out of ten times, it's very rare for your older law more like that not to have spark. And if it doesn't have spark it could because of a safety, switch promise propelled unit. A self propelled. So, you know, you've got you know, the one one feature that's mechanical that will shut shut the blade down install the engine. And then of course, you do have another feature analogy, a automatic is that a recycler Toro that has an automatic choke. Yes. Okay. So what you need to do is verify that spark I because you may be going in the wrong direction and do it by just holding the plug up against the the cylinder. Head is going to be your best bet. But is this the people to do that? Yeah. That's fine. But do it that what you're gonna find out most likely spark? I'm going to say your main problem. This is the first time you're trying to start it for the year. Well, yes couple of weeks ago. Okay. What you need to do is go to the carburetor. I believe it's going to be either a ten millimeter or a half inch ranch. And what you're going to want to do is put rags up underneath the fuel ball. It's easy to access and you're gonna just loosen that that not up you're not gonna take it out. And when you see the fuel drain out of it. You're gonna see it's going to be almost like a bright yellow, and then let that drain out in. What about the fuel in the tank is it fuel from last year or is it fresh fuel fuel, and I've already done the football. Okay. You drained it out. Okay. So, but here's the issue. If it I believe you have sparked, and it's still going to be a Carburetion problem. And it may be to the point that you have an inside the carburetors called a a spray bar that spray bar could still have that heavy residue in there in if that heavy residue that it it's almost like I'm going to call it like a Honey is what happens because it actually evaporates in the fuel bowl because of the ethanol fuels that you still may have some of that inner so you may. When you let it drain. How far did you let it drain out all out all out? Okay. So you yeah. Oh, you actually took the float out. Well, the bowl, okay. In you clean to bowl. Was there? A lot of residue in the bottom of the ball. No. Okay. But again, the spray bar still could be plugged with that. So what you're going wanna do start off verify their spark? And if you pulled on a before, and whatever you may contaminated the Corneau's of the plug, so you may want to spend a few bucks and have a new spark plug on hand new spark plug through dollars twenty. Yes. I said spend a couple of bucks on a plug. But but verify again using that method to make sure we're not dealing with the Carburetion problem dance talking about with the spark right where you take the spark plug have some you're gonna you're right. You have to have two people unless you had electric spark. I mean electric start, but hold it right next to where it it's on the engines head, and you make it, you know, if you got bad wire, you may get jolted. So maybe put a rag around it. But look at it. It's going to be a week's very weak talking like a car where you have forty thousand volts. Yeah. You're talking about NATO system. You're going gonna have a very weak blue spark of there. And we think it's almost like ninety percent of the time Carburetion problem. Not a spark problem on that engine. Okay. 'cause I've already changed the solid state modulate call. It was a waste of time and money. I think you've got a problem with your carburetor could be as simple as the needle in cedar. Just stuck right now. What I do with mine if if I've neighbor's lawn mower, I try not to let them see I do this. But I grab it. And I put it back and forth on its wheels. Into to try to break in other words rocket like a Bronco horseback. And that'll that'll actually do it. Even if you use the product called start, your engines it can't get through there. So try that I think you're going to be successful. All right. Very good. David one eight hundred eight five nine zero nine five seven that is.

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