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In the air for nearly 7 hours near Montgomery village. At a news conference last hour, Montgomery county fire chief Scott Goldstein had an update. We have two people that we would transport it to a local trauma center, both of those folks, the condition has improved. One is still in the hospital and that's all the information that I have on the two occupants that were in the plane. Maryland state police say they are still working with the national transportation safety board to figure out why it happened. Well, Sunday Night's plane crashes raised fresh concerns among residents who've been complaining about noise and safety concerns near the Montgomery county air park for a long time. Members of a Gaithersburg area citizens group say Sunday Night's plane crash highlights their concerns about safety, concerns they say on their Facebook page that are not given enough attention by county officials. Council president kapal burns was asked about that. This will obviously be an ongoing discussion. And there's nothing more important than the safety and security of all of our county residents. The air park is operated by the Montgomery county revenue authority and CEO Keith Miller says the airport manager reviews complaints about noise and safety. Practically all of them come in at the pilots are operating and doing what they are supposed to be doing. Members of the citizens for air park safety insist, there needs to be more oversight. Kate Ryan. WTO news. A woman accused of shooting her former cop husband and in D.C. hotel room is cutting a deal with prosecutors. 50 year old santori weems is pleading guilty to aggravated assault and carrying a pistol without a license. Weems is accused of shooting her husband James, a former Baltimore cop this summer while confronting him about sexually abusing kids at a day care she owns. He is facing 30 charges connected to abusing several children. Could get two years in prison under the deal, sentencing is set for February. She's being held in jail. Kyle Cooper, WTO news. A 16 year old student at Frederick Douglass high school in upper Marlboro is charged with bringing a gun to school just after 8 30 this morning a student alerted both the school resource officer and prince George's county public school security that the suspect was showing off the gun on a school bus that morning. The officer and security personnel found the student who had the gun in the backpack, it was unloaded but the student also had some ammo in the back. The student is charged as an adult with three weapons charges. In other news today, it is all about the holiday shopping as we continue into cyber Monday. We caught up with a local CEO who is only wait for it 12 years old to find out how he's handling this busy period. Alejandro buxton Manning the smell of love candles kiosk, on the second floor of Tyson's corner center, says he's ready for his first holiday season at the mall, after opening here in September. I feel excited and there was nervous because you never know which shoppers may

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