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To this him. Get him to a place in your rankings. Were dinsdale mims josh reynolds. Jamison crowder christian kirk and marquez valdes scantling and jalen reagor all sit atop the rankings for mr ty l. or thirty two nfl teams. And so let's say you take twice that and there are sixty four wide receivers of note. He's not one of them. According to my so mike splaine yourself. I really like here and and ty on in here. I'm on it. I like the The stat in here for you to just to see the other side of the argument of you know we started slow from week twelve. He was the wide receiver eight. Okay that's great houston. Let's look at weeks one through eleven where. Ty was the wide receiver eighty nine eighty nine. He had fewer fantasy points than allen. Lazard who at that point of the season had played four games. He had fewer fantasy points. Then danny amendola through eleven weeks of the season guys. he's gonna be. It's gonna turn thirty two this year. The injuries are already becoming a problem. We now have two years in a row of t. y. hilton or ti. Houston how we we've dubbed him on the show two years ago place houston again right Yeah he will he will goodness twice and he's averaged fifty yards game for two years in a row that super dynamic. Incredible electric t. y. hilton. He's he has aged out of that. It was. I think a struggle for him and free agency before he. He went back with the colts and last year he was last year. Was averaging the fifty yards a game and was with philip rivers. Who despite what jason thinks. At least last year philip rivers was not washed. Philip rivers was still a fine player and now carson wentz is coming in maybe carson wentz's okay but last year before carson wentz was benched you know for not being good they said you're not trying to which argument are you making your you slipping into a carson winston. Well that's part of it. I mean carson wentz's is slated to be his quarterback at least for half of a season before he probably gets benched again for for being bad but anyways carson wentz was averaging two hundred zero in mud pies over there two hundred thirty one passing yards per game that would be in seventeen games under four thousand yards in seventeen games. That's ho- riffing. That is not going to get anything done for fantasy purposes. You take that production. You take a t. y. Hilton whose production has completely fallen off in the last two years. And i just i de you are setting a draft. Pick on fire t. y. Hilton will absolutely have two to three games this year. Where you go. Oh yeah t y. Hilton these back. He's going in my fantasy of. Oh thanks thanks for taking the next week. Not why so. I am. ot at redeye currently at wide receiver sixty eight. And i think. I'm being generous. Probably right but it does. He play any other texas teams like anywhere close to houston because maybe it's proximity. Maybe plays like a dallas cowboys. Here let me talk. Negative about p. river police Philip rivers was fine. He was fined for the annapolis colts. He really was He he's a smart hall of fame. Queer the debatable friend. I'm stephanie. how much did that hurt. You did it. I mean i didn't. I regret it. The moment that i even started the phrase but his mind is great. His football iq is off the charts. But philip rivers especially. Last year's philip rivers is just. I mean check down. Seven point seven yards per attempt so t y hilton does not match. Philip rivers. t. Y hilton is down there on the other side of the field where philip rivers. Can't throw the ball to just didn't match up and we did see enough explosion at the end of his age. Thirty one season at least say maybe he's not wash. What was the yards per attempt yards per attempt. Passing was seven point seven So is that higher or lower than six point zero. That is much higher than six point. Is that higher lower than six point. Seven sir higher okay. that's carson the last two years. But here's here's a deal on the on that what you have to realize is that when carson wentz has thrown the ball down the field he has had nobody who can go get it and so i believe i mean we've seen right isn't that the criticism on carson wentz like when he should check it down he just wants to try to launch it. It's one of many and so you know. Ty hilton's come out and this offseason. He's he's literally said it's really nice to have someone who can give me the ball down the field again so regardless of what's happened in the past what's happening right now is he is saying that philip rivers couldn't and carson wentz currently is we don't know if he is look i i said mike's probably right but what i have a hard time doing is figuring out where the passing volume goes in indianapolis you can talk about philip rivers tendencies. Ty hilton's problems led the team in targets by a wide margin last year. I mean that's who he was. He's still there number one and they said hey we liked it so much. Bring you back for another year. Pittman didn't show me volume getting paris. Camelback break. I'm not gonna project him to lead the team in targets so fantasy value aside still cannot imagine t y hilton doesn't lead the team in targets. That's that's one hundred percent effect. But to mike's point here this is an. Aj green situation is wash jersey. Knock a degree now. one hundred. Four targets edgy. Green had plenty of opportunity to be good fancy football last year. It doesn't matter when the wheels fall off the wheels fall off. So if you want to avoid t y hilton in your draft. I'm on board. You just got you have to decide. I think he's still got juice left. I don't and then you either get value. Or you're burning one of your one of your picks and f g. So i would say just decide if you believe. He's still has it or not mike. Let's talk to jason for a moment and let's talk about his courtland sutton number. Nineteen overall ranking. He's being adp drafted or his adp is twenty nine th right now i have on a value i have a huge problem with this ranking I mean this is like you've gone benedict arnold on jerry. Jeudy over here yeah. This ranking is a direct personal deep. Cutting insult to my back. I have a. I have a huge problem because courtland sutton did break out. It wasn't that spectacular of a season by way of fantasy finish. He had no competition. Nineteen right that's pretty good. I said spectacular. Didn't i might was not the white house on this number nine spectacular to you know. Say that like terry. Maclaurin was spectacular. Finish in the twenty last year. Twenty three or something. No but i would say that nineteen is very good. I don't think that you were exceptionally happy. Each and every week with sutton's breakout season. Let's pull it. Let's take a look eleven hundred and six. This guy is a police. Eleven hundred and six. You're going to see forty five guys do that this year. Eighteen people do more than that the year finish at nineteen. That's right and tough so so we'll talk about. Let's talk about courtland sutton if you remember last year and i i know you get to talk but i'm setting the table because i want to remember something that we talked about. He was awful withdrew. Luck wants drew. Lock came in after joe flacco. He was terrible fifty six forty one fifty one forty five. That was the worry coming into last year. Injury wiped out the year. Jerry jeudy caja hamler great defense so i think nineteen is is aggressive i do. I think it's very aggressive for coming back from an acl with other weapons. Sure i mean you can ask is drew lock. Good enough is teddy. Bridgewater good enough. Those are questions as fantasy managers. We have to ask..

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