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Look out on my deck. Alright. Alright. Check outside. Oh, they just say yeah, but you're paying the taxes that get a little news from near. But right now we're paying the taxes right loose from your neighborhood years over until yeah. Rather pay the taxes Then do you know the solar Cortex. What is it? Voice Holler. Paula Haller, Polar For the P sub zero temperatures Solar, you'd be in space and thistles going out the Chico Enterprise record. So the big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve has been given the largest cash gift the reserve has ever received a $1 million donation. Receive from retired Chico State professor Well, West Dempsey, his wife, Phyllis, and their family. That's a generous gift that Isse thank you very much excited to hear this segment that you're gonna be talking about. So we're gonna talk about storytelling. There's a guy named Tom Rinaldi. I don't know if you're familiar with him. This guy's won a ton of awards at the national level for his sports reporting and writing is a tremendous story. Teller worked at a local TV station here in Sacramento for just a short period of time of the night. So Kelly Brothers interview him as part of his podcast, and we're going to talk about the art of telling stories and how it can apply to everyone. Whether you're running a business or you're just going to work. How if you become a good storyteller? You can become better at business, better communication and just better overall, it can help lift up your whole career. Love. It's Yeah, all right. Traffic CSP is on the scene of in weather. Cloudy skies as we head into the day together every 10 minutes on the tens. Let's get this in traffic Now. News 93.1 case we move you news 93.1 kfbk prescription opioids can be addictive and dangerous. I was given a prescription opioid pain medication, and within only a few months, I was completely addicted. I lost.

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