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They wrote and no one gets to look at it unless you decide that this person is safe. Okay. So if you wrote something about business, you might WanNa than share it with your business partner. Maybe, you'll wanNA tell it to them maybe you'll WANNA show them the paper, but you you don't have to Warri while you make it's almost it because it's not gonNa work because your body first and foremost is going to protect itself on protect you. So you might even try this and see that you're not getting any answers and we'd like okay never mind and give up on this try to get in a few days and again a few days later because just like when you meet a stranger the first time you don't go and tell them all your problems. Your mind is not going to go and tell you all the things that thinks if it never trusted. The process didn't trust what's going on here. So once you show it a few times that hanes looking at this is safe that you'll slowly slowly slowly you'll be getting more more answers. So. Say. Like you said, you have this fear rejection prefers something out. So let's say you journal something or had what to do in your marriage. Okay. Now you WANNA. Go and tell your partner that but it's really hard for you. You're embarrassed you don't know what to do. What he to now could. Journal about how should it go and tell them because that will go and tell you the answer. Maybe there was something you didn't think about another great thing to do is. You can have a conversation between your two hands, which can also be between you and another person. So let's say you WanNa tell your partner something. and. You don't know how to go into that. You don't know how they're gonNA react. You don't know what they're gonNA go insane what they're going to ask you. You can go and have that conversation I on paper with youth thinking logically writing with your dominant hand and they answering in the conversation sing whatever they wanNA say without youth thinking if you're not dominant an now obviously, it's not going to be exact word for word what they're going to say but it's GonNa be about. Their mindset is you're going to be able to understand more about and you could even ask those questions before they shut you down because they might say a mad or they might say never mind and run out at you or they might yell at you and then you closed down we never know which way it's going to go. But if it's just papers, it's not as scary because it's just on paper so you could go and take it further without running two different room. I. Love that because incredible stuff I like it but let me tell you this actually People are listening to this and they're like, this is weird. That the words right out of my mouth. Sd What are you talking about this? The Budget Huey? This is. Work. It's work for me. You know using other hand what what are you talking about to? Tell them. Can you tell them in defend yourself right now esti defend yourself and say you know this this word for me people I've known thome stuff right now that. Okay..

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