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You had the opportunity to vote. But we do have from the podium for you. So you get to hear from chiefs head coach. Andy reid from his monday. Press conference and then on tuesday cheese president mark donovan joined the kansas city media as arrowhead stadium is a polling location. So i up here is chiefs head coach. Andy reid Thought over all good solid performance By the by the team a team effort again all three phases Contributed and and played well so that there are some nice adjustments that took place. Coordinators had a good game plan the then. They made a few adjustments during the game and that helps to so again without picking one person or one side by side overall. It was a good team team. Went under sam. Miller because andy. You guys had the fourth and one of the four yesterday. I'm just curious a little off the wall but his your calculus change in those situations about the quarterback sneak after what happened in in denver last year Honest with you br. I hate to admit but didn't work out so well so And i think we have other things that we can do We didn't do very well yesterday with it but For the most part. We're pretty good with good with it. Yesterday wasn't good enough to syringe. Petro goodson coach the fifth who are fake punt. I'm sorry for the first down. I know a lot of is. That'll be something that they you know. It's maybe just a hot call if it's out there. Was that something that was planned or was that something you know what i was calling from the sideline or is that just to read. The guys did on black. Yeah so we've had it up for the last couple couple weeks. It's a we were gonna do it right there so day. They've put it on and and so we have other. We have ones where we do. Read things but this one here was predetermined so connects to herbie opie includes good morning..

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