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I tried. It didn't work until I discovered all all things my pillow. These products arrive the sleep You need want crave desire and deserve will be yours. Final moments with Colonel Oliver North Colonel. Now that we are in this situation Just I don't The word quit doesn't exist in my brain here when fellow Americans are in jeopardy. You had talked about Maybe getting people to the northern part of Afghanistan. Not an easy task. What options? Do you see to save American lives and Afghani Allied lives? I don't want to tell the Afghan Folks or the Taliban or the Russians or the Chinese what the options are, but there are options there at high risk. They're enormously risky not only to the people were trying to rescue But to the people carrying them out. But those kinds of things can be done that got some experience in doing some of these kinds of things, and amazingly enough. The sons of some of the folks I worked with and getting hostages out in other places Years ago, the sons are now out doing that kind of thing. Most of them many of them certainly. Are people with whom I served, or what are the odds that Americans that are hostages behind enemy lines? The worst case scenario that I can think of. I don't need to get To be descriptive here. One of the odds that that's gonna happen. We'll look at the worst that could happen is they get killed or tortured to death? I mean, it certainly happened to Bill Buckley, who was the CIA station chief in Beirut. The only part of that good news might be that hostages are worth a lot more alive than they are dead. And so There's a very strong likelihood that there's somewhere in the hierarchy of these terrorist organizations, a realization that That they all need not die. Bill Bill Buckley was tortured to death. And the hostages. I did get out confirmed that But they'll show us that they will do it that will happen. Well, I have no doubt that if certain elements of this terrorist Important at work right that certain elements would certainly put a bullet in the back of their heads, just like they've done to these police chiefs. But I could say there's some people who realize there is some advantage. That's why so few months ago, he's saying we've that we've got tremendous leverage over the Taliban. No, no, we don't. They've got tremendous leverage over us by keeping some of those people hostage. And so some of them are going to try to escape and hopefully we'll get be able to get some help to them. It's hard to communicate with him. But there are there are American former military people in most cases on the ground inside Afghanistan right now trying to carry out those kinds of missions. Colonel North. We appreciate your safe home, my friend, um not speed. God bless applies. Pray for America. For our fellow Americans trapped behind enemy lines. All right, Colonel, Uh, we have Hannity tonight at nine. When we come back. I know you've been very patient today wanting to respond to Biden's.

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