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What are we think about him as a streaming option against houston i'm interested very interested drew stand has a sprained knee the cardinal sign map barkley which should show you that they are concerned about stands availability rob kelly ankle knee injury cannot get right no he can't jeremy hill on i r i mentioned earlier that means it's a joe mix in an geo jailbird backfield uh jordan read chris hogan dion seems mike gillislee didn't play gillislee a healthy scratch yep that's a far cry from weak one yet certainly is but with the uh the passing of my gillislee someone else has risen from the ashes we'll talk about him in a little bit and we were let's talk about some other players that stood out in we ten i am the machine this week's fantasy stud muffins nobody was more stud mufamadi than king godfrey himself 25 for thirty seven three hundred fifty five yards and three touchdowns suddenly this is becoming what you get which yard goffin this offense i hear people waiting in plusmatch abc's he dressing logistic good now i win this past week i watched every touchdown from carson wins on the season and every touchdown from jared golf on the seas and the thing that stood out to me was that the weapons like wind stood out more as a passer and the weapons that the rams have stood out to me as game changing weapons i mean the amount of yard after catch touchdowns in the equation now that doesn't really mean a gough isn't playing well just me right he was less impressive in terms of how many of his passes went into the end zone compared to you know.

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