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Yeah no i. And i and i think it's just a good number research wise. I think he did a good job. Picking that out. So but we'll we'll go on a chief mash forever. Our guy cheap smash eighty-five he's he's definitely a guy i questioned. What quarterback did you most build yourself up on. When they came to the team. I remember discussing at length. Now matt castle have been training to improve one great season but love the kenny powers commercial. Ps no mahomes on this one gentleman. So she's mash saying we can't pick mahomes for this question stags as an as an older gentleman as a more as a veteran in this chiefs fandom. Is there a guy from back in the day that you really really were. Were buying into as a as a guy that could be the next guy for gps man extra. Call him out the age there. I appreciate it. We did go through years of years of trying to talk ourselves into quarterbacks and and it happened every season is it seems like and it was never realistic looking back but you know brody curl was drafted. This guy has got a cannon. He's going to. He's going to be great Elvis ker back came in. You're like all right. Hit the next the next You know successful quarterback. You've got obviously joe montana when he came in your like how this guy is gonna play like his twenty two again. You know every year it was somebody different. Choose france trying to talk ourselves into into quarterbacks that just for one reason or another just weren't quite there. I remember doing the same thing with dave craig. San dave craig is good enough to lead this team deep into the playoffs based on his ability. And what we saw in seattle so so yeah. It was year in year out. There's so many options for this. I'm not really sure who to pick. Definitely matt cassel would have been on that list. I think we talked about how you when when that trade happened. Everybody thought you know he just had a big season. Maybe it's fool's gold but you know they got a steal with this trade. Because i threw in mike rebel for the second round pig and all of a sudden they gotta steal and this guy is going to going to lead them to the promised. Land everyone of those quarterbacks had things about them that you could like and you can talk yourself into it but every one of them needed everything around him to be so perfect. I and even then it wasn't going to play out so i'm not sure how to narrow it down to just one because this is the entire chief's fan experience up until mahomes was trying to talk ourselves into quarterbacks. Yeah i think brody coil is the first one. I thought of too because i was when i started really getting into the chiefs than you see his arm. And you're like at least you've got to be a good quarterback but another guy that was early might choose fandom. I think it was just because i was so young. I really bought in to tyler. Thigpen the goat. I was big my favorite my favorite player before the andy reid era. I gotta say. I think i think that that's i think that's right for me but yeah i i think watching him in that spread you know. It's kind of a modern offense that we hadn't really seen a lot before we kind kinda used to priest. Holmes larry johnson just running running hard running a lot of power counters counter plays and just run the ball of the heck out of the ball. We had a big kind of goes spread and there isn't games or it was like okay. We can do some what this you know athleticism the you know. We still have tony g at that time. So he was. You know tony. G was kind of a safety blanket form. Yeah but it was pretty obvious to see why he wasn't ever going to be a legitimate quarterback. Just more of a you know. He was a fun quarterback on a two and fourteen to eighteen. So i think it was just young me buying in. I don't think it was. It was true by yeah. That was quite a reach for us to try to talk ourselves in the been as.

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