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Just going to throw out more information we talked earlier about washington state now they're able to use a defense to help which is amazing their eighteenth in the country until the fifth sam donald is go played in the nfl we see him kind of make these mistakes that i know he's he's is offensive line is her dad's receivers but is what you watched last night is that an nfl successful nfl quarterback or me i think the problem is now in and melcan speak to this more than i can is the type of offenses that we're seeing in high school football and now into the the college level it's just not conducive to what is being played at the nfl level so everybody searching to find the guy that has the tools that has the size that has the arms strength it looks like he's got the mental capacity to play the next level in in projecting that ford and i mean it the things i didn't like last night it i certainly didn't like the the pocket presence when the blitzer came free at the end he didn't have the ball secured in the pocketed comes out rather easily so i mean those are things that are teachable i think he's going to be a good nfl prospect again i'll defer to the mel on that but it i just i don't like the the offenses that a run in high school football now in college football i think it it they just really puts the emphasis on who the best athlete on the field is as opposed to who the best quarterback in a lot of yeah this is the height chris go one of the season was unbelievable for a guided the demon begin last year starting quarterback max brown did matched browser pit is battling for a job at it is i think it's sam donald at all the pressure replacing three key guys on the offensive line taking used to top receivers off the team injuries as well to the offense of wide even after you lost those guys he added stay healthy they haven't been i don't know what it is but you're right it.

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