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Live from npr news. I'm barbara klein. The taliban have moved into kabul and are now patrolling the streets most. Us embassy personnel have been transferred to the coppell airport including the us ambassador but the embassy's website says the airports taking fire and the security situation. There is deteriorating. Npr's jackie northam reports. Afghan president ashraf ghani has left the country. President ashraf ghani held emergency talks with senior u s and nato officials shortly after the taliban amassed on the outskirts of kabul his options at that point we're limited. The taliban wanted gun his resignation. He complied and left the country. They're mixed messages about who will take his place. Afghan officials say there will be a transitional government. The taliban says militants expect to complete handover of power jackie northam npr news washington former afghan president hamad karzai has issued a series of tweets. Saying he the head of the government's negotiating team abdullah abdullah and a party leader and former warlord are forming a coordinating council to prevent what they say. Chaos and better manage the affairs related to peace. It's not clear if this is a step towards an interim government or step toward handing power to the taliban parts of the west are under excessive heat warnings as more than one hundred wildfires burn. Sonia hudson of member station k. u. e. r. reports thousands have evacuated from a fast moving fire outside salt lake city utah. Amber reichert loaded up her white. Suv as she prepared to evacuate the small community of timberline she's lived in this community surrounded by pine trees for five years. It's kind of surreal. I think we always knew there was a possibility of it happening here especially with what's been going on fire wise and climate wise in recent times But it's a little bit different when it actually happens. The widespread consensus of climate scientists is that climate change makes large destructive wildfires more likely because of hotter temperatures and drier vegetation. Nearly all of utah is in the most extreme categories of drought for npr news. I'm sonia hudson incoming new york governor. Kathy ho says mask mandates for school. Children are necessary masks for kids in schools. This is something that i believe has to occur to make sure that our teachers are safe. The administrator safe and above all child parents sends off to school. Khokar told cnn. She'll remain flexible and consider all options as the pandemic changes. The cdc says an additional one hundred forty thousand. New corona virus infections were confirmed yesterday. Florida remains a hot spot. This is npr nicaragua's only newspaper with a print. Edition is no longer available. It's offices were raided by the country's security forces as the government of daniel ortega moves to shut down the opposition in the ramp up to presidential elections this fall as maria martin reports five truckloads of anti riot. Police surrounded the offices of the daily la prensa. Friday police said they were looking for evidence of customs fraud and money laundering and took over the papers installations. La prensa is owned by the chamorro family. Two of whose members are among at least thirty three opposition figures in prison by the government in the last two months reporter. Maria marten turning now to africa where ivory coast says. It's confirmed its first case of ebola in twenty five years. The bbc's sophie glass ryan reports. The case was detected in the crowded urban center of avi john. The eighteen year old woman at the center of this outbreak traveled to ivory coast by road from guinea and entered abajian three days ago. She was admitted to hospital with a fever and is now. Receiving treatment is the first case of a bowler a severe and often fatal illness in the west african nation since nineteen ninety-four dr matt cd. So moeti of the world health organization said the new outbreak was of immense concern because it has appeared in the densely populated city of abbey. John the bbc's sophie glass rhine. And i'm barbara klein npr news..

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