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Fashion. Yeah. You know, what is ridiculous. What is going on here? Rob was garbage. Smackdown wasn't far from it Smackdown. At least had Edge and Rollins. Yeah, Finn Balor. Did you know Finn Balor stuff? Yeah like raw was just I mean raw had Orton and that that stuff was in a pretty good but like Lashley everything been on fire lately gave like a terrible promo. He did like I was like I felt bad for him afterwards. I'm like yeah. And I can't even say that you tried here guys. Like man, maybe he knows he's losing at SummerSlam so he's just like giving up right? He's like man fuck it. Yeah I mean care right? I'm going to lose to a 73 year old man dead. In front of a crowd at a stadium, that could be it. Now, I'm like thinking maybe I should pick Goldberg, I know right for SummerSlam. Yeah, maybe that's why he's so like, down right now I really want to make the the the shirt that says arrive. Get. Undeserved title shot, leave. Yeah, you know. Hug my son hug my bare-chested son. Yeah, Jesus. Oh God man. So it's not good. Yeah. Is there anything else we can talk about besides wrestling? Did you see Suicide Squad Suicide Squad? Yeah, I did. I didn't see it yet. Oh Well, we can talk about that. I'm hopefully going to see it this week. Yeah. What do you think? I really enjoyed it. Yeah, I really did. Look, you know, James, James Gunn. James guy did guardians of galaxy, right? He's great. The thing is like, the way I feel like his approach to movies is here's a playlist off. I've been listening to, I'm going to make a fucking movie around here because of soundtracks, so good. Yeah. Like even even like in the like the opening song, like the beginning song, the first song that they play. Yeah is I think it's called friends who've died or something huh? But like the way that the the whole scene is set up and everything it was just it was so good. Yeah, the characters are actually rememberable like you actually feel for them, right? Like polkadot Man by far my favorite. Oh yeah. And like even James Gunn said he's like look, I want to take this character who is regarded as like one of the dumbest characters in DC and actually give him a soul and give him a story. Yeah. And that's what he did. He like like I was cuz I didn't care about the characters in the first Suicide Squad. One of them. Right? I'm like, yeah. But like he turned like every character in The like someone you're like. Wow. I really like this character. Yeah. Yep. Polkadot man, kind of stole the show and he's been in like so many movies. Like he was actor that plays. Yeah. He was in Ant-Man. I don't know who you're talking about, so I'm not sure. Yeah, he was earlier the dark one of the Dark Knight ones was a Batman begin. No Dark Knight. Oh okay. I think I know who you're talking about. Yeah. The one where Harvey Dent may have some yeah the Joker's. Yeah. Okay. I know what you're talking about. Yeah. So yeah. It was really cool. I definitely recommend it. Yeah. I can't wait to see it. I hated the first one. Oh yeah. Hope at home cooking awful. I recently watched someone on YouTube do a review of the first one and it just yeah. Reminds you how incredibly bad that movie is right. These like the the woman hires the woman puts her Suicide Squad without a mission. Like without a mission-ready she's just like we need to be prepared and then the first mission is them rescuing her from a building, like, right? This is what you put them. Others. So that you can be rescued in a week. Yeah. Like, it makes no sense. Like, who's the director David are? Yeah. He, he like took to fucking Twitter and he's like, he's like, well, you do you guys get the Snyder cut? You need the, the are cut of of The Suicide Squad. It's a completely different movie and rank, all right? Well if it happens maybe but it's going to be the judge, you know, maybe but not going to be better than, you know, the new one which there's no way they're going to release that cut when the new ones out and everyone loves it right. You know, there's first serious, there's no point. Like if this one bombed, like everyone was like, oh this shit then maybe they would. Yeah, but yeah, it didn't do well in theaters though. Like, it's funny because Black Widow are in Fast &, Furious 9, I think fast furious night at seventy-five million walk, right. In Black Widow, did like sixty-something million or something like that. Yeah, Suicide Squad did twenty six million, right? But like but but the covid-19 are going up so that's not helping that true and it's rated off. Right, it's rated R. And why am I going to go? Pay to see it in a theater. When I literally watched it at home, you did write on Thursday night dropped. Yeah. That's true. Yeah, cuz there's that's your black widow. You still had to pay thirty bucks for and Disney plus, but if you were here, if you already have HBO Max, it's free. It's free. That's true. Yeah. You know what also sucks that's going to make money that's going to make them. Not cuz Venom choose, currently not rated. They're not saying what they're going to rate it because suicide squad was rated R and it didn't do well in theaters, obviously a lot do because of HBO Max. That's going to be like, oh well. We better make it PG-13 with Carnage. Yeah. Carnage is not a PG-13. Oh no. See most R-rated villain. I feel like Paul Raymond, right. He has the most non PG villain in the Marvel Universe. For sure. For sure. So, I hope they still do it, but we'll see like, he. He's just hell-bent on killing anything wage. Everyone and for no reason at all, just to kill him, he's just, he's just he's there Joker. Yeah, you know. Yes. And I love the trailer, you know, I didn't the first Venom like I didn't like the plot thought, Tom Hardy was great, but other than that like the movie was, you know, pretty much a mess, right? But this looks like so much fun with Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson Woody Harrelson, right? Yeah. And him as often just seems perfect. So yeah. Anyways, yeah, let's get to wrestling. We have to do it. We have to do wrestle. I'm sorry. But first, we have to think, for new patrons actually five or kind of, we have to think Isaac McAlester. Okay. Roman Luna and his girlfriend Marisol. Oh, Marisol, yeah, Marisol Marisol. I don't know something like that. Wayne Mansell and Josh Watkins. All right, well, thank you to all of you. Yes, thank you so much What's wrong with wrestling? $5 a month, gets you everything you can cancel anytime you can log, Sign up for a year and get a discount. Yeah. So you don't get a Summer Slam recap later this month. Yes that's right. That's like what? Two weeks. Yeah. Two weeks. Two weeks in Vegas. Stays in Vegas. Home recording the podcast in Vegas. Yes. So I don't I don't think we're going to do any sort of live show but we'll definitely be hanging out at a few places. We can always keep everyone posted full show. If you're going to be out there drop us a line. Let us know that way. We can keep you in the loop. Yeah. Also we did the hottest couple bracket. Yes. Submitted by one of our patrons. That's right. Rachel grabs. Yes we have more of those to get through as well we do. We do it's like the flood gates have been opened rights. So many brackets now so many bracket but we do have is that bracket going to be ready this month? I don't know. I'm not sure yet probably the next month because SummerSlam is right here and it's so busy. But I mean I wage From a bracket. Yeah, are too. I do have, you know, a contingency plan if we need. Okay, so what's that? Oh, SummerSlam 2002. Shawn Michaels vs. Hulk Hogan. Oh, that's 2005. Oh 2005, yeah. Yeah, right, yeah. SummerSlam 2002 was great. Yeah, Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels, right? Yeah, SummerSlam 2005. Dodge HBK magnificant magnificently magnificently. Thank you. I'm Josh Reese everyone over sold everything. Yeah. That Hogan dead. That's right. Yeah that's just fucked. That guy fucked that guy. Yeah. Who who likes Hogan? Yeah, crazy people. All right so Smackdown starts with Roman no Sasha Banks week. Yeah, I know this.

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