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Popular warehouse stores there won't be for lack of trying surprise a growing suburb north west of Phoenix has put on almost a full court press to attract COSCO's business more from gen Fifield city watchdog reporter for the Zona Republic. Jen, give us a little history. Well, it's starting to back a few years ago, they hosted a reached they'll survey asking people what kind of retailers they want in the city and Cocteau came back overwhelmingly more than half a residents replied that they wanted one. So it all started from there their first of their shenanigans started with when they took a picture with signs and balloons a few of them were literally jumping off the ground congratulating Cosco being number one on their most sired retailer list all escalated from there very quickly. Like how else what else has happened? Won't they need a postcard and send it to surprising. Was she? Cosco thing wish you were here. They be the totem pole literally constructed totem pole of top retailers and put Cosco on the top and sent them a birthday card, and then they decided to throw an entire birthday party for the retailer with Costco cake, of course. Wow. What's with the obsession for the folks who live in surprise, Arizona? Well, I mean, people do like Costco in a lot of places. But I think it's the fact that they do have to drive a lot of places and surprise they live about forty five minutes from central Phoenix. And they'd want just access to that store in their own town. Wow. Costco, must be scratching its head thinking boy, you know, if we go to surprise, Arizona. We could charge like twenty five dollars per gallon of milk people pay for it. Because they worried about this. Why not how how could they maintain? Silence. When there's been such an effort made for them. Don't ask me. I even tweeted at them. I sent them a list of questions that was pretty ridiculous. I asked them they turned thirty five this year. And I asked them how it felt to be middle age. I ask them what they wish for for their birthday stolen. No comment from them. Wow. We're speaking with Jen Fifield city watchdog reporter at the Arizona Republic part of the USA today network. Can she's written a piece entitled and Arizona city wants a Costco, so bad that it through the company a birthday party? And she's talking about the city of surprise, Arizona. City officials feel like they are on the verge of getting Cosco. Perhaps the economic development director says that they're closer than ever which is going to cause even more speculation on Facebook live at monitor this almost daily. So we'll see and they're not I think you pointed out there's there's there's one kind of in the region, but not really close by. The closest Costco to surprises about twenty minutes away for a lot of surprise residents. In the neighboring town of Glendale that's too far for a lot of people go. Thanks, jen. Jen Fifield city watchdog reporter for the Arizona Republic. It is thirty minutes now after the hour.

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