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By the trump campaign cambridge analytica reportedly harvested personal information from fifty million facebook users without their consent after days of silence facebook ceo mark zuckerberg responded to the growing scandal in a blog post and interviews zakar brook said facebook will take new security measures and restrict access to some user data by third party apps me well some lawmakers wants to testify before congress and there's now a social media campaign urging users to delete their facebook accounts joining me now with more on this are cake silicon valley bureau chief tanya moseley marketwatch tech editor and san francisco bureau chief jeremy owens and electrician frontier foundation researcher jenny gephardt's welcome to you all well there are so many issues here trust regulation data privacy how facebook is responding to all all of that but tanya i have to ask you first of all lay out the senior figure for us because the misuse of data involving cambridge analytica happened in twenty fifteen when did facebook know about it and why did it not notify users who were affected earlier so facebook received word that cambridge analytica had this data around that time in twenty fifteen and they went to them and said please you need to destroy this and cambridge analytica said yes we will do that and they actually gave them an agreement saying that they would do that from that point i want to tell you though they found out about it from reporters from the guardian reporter there as well as another publication notify facebook that this was a possibility and it's this was happening i think the million dollar question is why they didn't notify the public until now we received word before the new york times published its piece about all of this that facebook was going to deny cambridge analytica on there platform and they were we receive that in a facebook post as well as on their newsroom blog as well so that's the big question is why we didn't know about the sooner and what do you think the answer is i mean it's were they wanted to practice protects their profits or what do you think happened here.

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