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Doll and Kimmy Buccino. You're listening to AM Tampa Bay. Oh, it is good energy and say, what did you say what you want about Kanye west? But he yesterday had the attention of the entire country. And it was very entertaining and say what you want about President Trump and people place say plenty of things about President Trump. He is willing to listen to people like Konya west and most people will say, well, that's because Kanye west loves Donald Trump. Who cares? So you have to compliment the the president a couple of times to get his ear think of what can be accomplished just by having that ten minutes in the Oval Office having a lunch with the President Kim Kardashian. We joked about it earlier. Listen, she found a path to the president the president gave her some time. And she accomplished what she tried. Got a woman at a prison. So I I'm surprised I mean not surprised because people that he Donald Trump will never give him credit. Like, you said, even if he cures cancer, they won't give them credit. But it's very surprising to me that people aren't open to the fact that President Trump will give people the ear that other presidents would never have given the light of day to are never would take a second to actually hear them out. I don't know how people aren't giving him more credit and respecting President Trump more for that. Listen, I'm not surprised me neither. But to me that was something that it throughout this administration throughout his presidency has been impressive to me. My favorite part was when Connie said good energy in here. Donald Trump's really good energy. Like how good is the energy? We got some good audio from that Konya visit to the White House yesterday. But first, let's see what's making news on the roadways with daisy ash..

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