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Ingeborg chris listen to air callers and may lack this owner for example was one after another everybody it's all out raised about the uh trump daca no and i go i don't see him i i'm not sure we said anything about bannon's audience have we i i don't know that we've i will will steve bannon be done with his audience a i i don't think we've commented on that what what putting though is he's being destroyed with the american people by trump i i think that is happening now will his audience stick with the modern i am not familiar enough with steve bannon bannon's audience to know or or that he i wasn't even aware he had a show scale either was a news story about what he said on it so we'll hear the show before he started before he went with gangs got some got a relationship with with less serious yeah on the patriot channel with with breitbart uh only runs pride thank he went away will you have the you know he stepped away the of from running breitbart ed uh than it's used eight of the stories i'll say he's back running it also um a look cars a radio show them no idea yeah i mean i via is i don't know anything about whether he wins or loses that had maybe he realized look at you know if you wanna go that direction maybe he maybe you use that in the direction of how he uh you know planned nice nice later yesterday late last night donald trump realizing and now by go on my radio show and i've been robaina trump godless time now these trump people are going to be culture in on him your turn on him fast yet twopoint jake in utah you're on the glenn beck program i ain't guys how you doing doing good a m my comment was was utah foreign yeah i was telling your screener that it's uh you lived in utah this this is slowly turning into california it's awful but anyway to the point orrin hatch uh i'm no fan of his and neither i i'm no fan of no fan of rami either and living in utah i've seen um as contracting it work on a.

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