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This year. You also doesn't have any Russia's. It takes Dallas out across their own. Forty five is near the star field. Opening possession of the game. First place in the NFC east on the line. Cowboys were the football marching against the Redskins under citrus. Dak Prescott Elliott the backfield. And we'll get the nod. He shuffles to his left back to the right? Takes into Redskins territory before he's dropped by Quinton Dunbar. That's going to go for a gate of six second four. A six yard gain on first down for the Dallas Cowboys in the running game is a win that they can do that throughout this game vantage goes to the Dallas Cowboys offense Zeke Elliott number two in the league in rushing behind Todd Gurley. Elliott came in with nine hundred fifty three yards. So he's knocking on the door of a thousand. Second down and four I play for Jellison Redskins territory. At the forty eight yard line on the left with three receivers right to to the left. This guy. Throws it over the past afflicted and incomplete it was intended for Zeke Elliott beginning hand on. It was DJ swear ensure the safety really good play by him. Swaggers playing extremely well for the Washington Redskins. He fits into the system. He sees the guy going into shallow talk about Zeke. And he just took off almost made play. He leads the team with four interceptions. Almost had his paws on number five. So now third and four for Dallas eleven fifty left on the clock. First quarter. Bald on the Redskins forty eight. Out of the gun Prescott. Drops Redskins rush five hitters. He throws its complete Amari Cooper. And he's got the Cowboys. I down to the thirty six yard line. Tackled by Josh Norman. It's a gain of eleven there in a formation on the right hand side in Koubek like he was going to the flat pivot back in was wide. Open easy throwing kit for the Dallas Cowboys and Washington has a man down. It's casanovas MacKenzie back at the forty yard.

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