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So somebody wants autism identity. They're like Yo. That's that's that's technically abused. You were bully. And now he's a man you're a teenager. That's not a fight as abuse. Yeah but to me I was like yes a fight that doodle time man but not thought one day I was GonNa win it just never. I never get to that place. So how does that continue to weigh on you when you like now? I know what that was about Like I said it goes back to the whole about the bravado and at Braggadocio attitude that we as black men oftentimes told to have you know and I do. I know what it's like to live in fear you know and I knew what that did to me when I went outside into Into the St Joe's would I was outfitted. No one if this guy is he was six nine three hundred pounds. If this do couldn't scare me or kill me. I didn't have any fears about anybody that I encountered outside of the House. You know but then also harbored a lot of anger by digging into a confrontation would go from zero to one. Hundred way fasted in averaging being carried throughout most of my life throughout most of my twenties early thirties. And then you realize listen. Minutes is not a way to to to to to navigate through world. Costs you legal fees and you know all kinds of things. This is not something that you WanNa do especially considering the career that I have you know. That's the beautiful thing about acting. As you have an opportunity to use as outlet push that energy out to the world and you're applauded for it but You know you gotta go somewhere and deal with it. You gotTA PUT US somewhere. They say I read. The jazz is part of your upbringing. And part of your style as an actor. How how is that? Where where do you see that connection in you when I was About twenty years old joined the company in the jazz actor stater and it was a company that been around since the seventies and started by earning the contact Lakers McClintock and his concept was like jazz musicians. You know you go and you you you you work on your on your craft and then I'll which come out of the shed and you start to jam you. Can you have that? You have those those skills and you come out and you're able to freestyle Ed- and bring yourself numbering yourself but bring your own interpretation to the material but yet still stay within the rules and regulations of whatever that material is and it just found it very free no in finding defraying in the Approach more is that You know you could play this note. A little differently You know what? The song is a and You know maybe maybe speed up this is part or maybe do this a little differently and you notice it any human being that you mean it. They have the different rhythms and different ways of saying the same thing and so it's just a great approach to me from a work was the difference between a good actor and a great actor feel. There's a lot of good actors at the Because I think a good actress somebody who can this? This is like bare minimum. Good actor somebody who can say words and not sound like they're reading and tell the story you know and then a great actors some. I was like you have no idea what they're going to do. You have no idea what the journey is going to take you on or when they do your sold You feel it in your core. That to me is a great actor you know in the nettle do is it in terms of the hierarchy of of actors and we think about like there's the biggest stars and then there's you know levels below them Is it like are the guys and women who are the biggest stars are they the best actors and then like you know like like in sports we think about the we think about the best athletes. We think about the best basketball players. Whatever Lebron is the best player that's why he's the most famous you know and down the line? Is it like that or it because sometimes I wonder if like well? He's more famous and better looking than X Y and Z. But he's not a better actor than this guy over here who's never the lead. But he's you know he's second third banana but he's incredible actor. Yeah now it comes down to the best travel eighty you know it was the most Osa ultimately you know. It's like any big man. It's it's it's an industry that is that the goal is to sell tickets even to get general audiences into the into the theater or the tune into a show. People have some kind of brand recognition. They want to know what it is. They're going for so a lot of times. The big stars are because you know you're GonNa get when you show for them so it's like brand recognition you know you know what? Adam Sandler is GONNA do and it's fine. That's what you show up for and so it allows the other actors to Kinda create a different world around that person and then every now and again you will catch one of those you know like a Denzel Washington who there randy is that they do something different every time you know as as does got older and things like that they are still things that we know that as Denzel ISM and at you know someone could imitate denzil. I remember for years I was like I can do a denzel impression. That he doesn't do anything mckinney. Personate and then ask you. Started doing your allow. Actually does you know but it took a while for me to to see that too. Many many movies do the for like a you know Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. Guys are able to kind of disappear. Caprio able to disappearance arose Baxter brand. You know you go and you want to be surprised by that. That's that is so difficult to achieve as an artist that some people don't ever WanNa you know it's just easier to lean on your looks or easier to lean on shake you know it's it's it's very very very very profitable for psalms. Tell them stop. So you're you're you're you're a great actor you're trained you care deeply. Think deeply about the the craft and all that how do you Dorian move up so that in five or ten years you're getting bigger roles you're the star of the show year the number one and number two in the movie. How do you? How do you ascend professionally? I think that I know personally for me. A has a down to me being more confident. I had to get to a space of more confidence in who I was what I brought to the table as an artist because I definitely had those opportunities early on I was giving in my early twenties. I was given opportunities that. Were like almost like a fork in the road. You go this way your next Eddie Murphy or go this way and your your character acted and what I realized was when I was getting those office. Development Deals at networks to create my own show.

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