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Glenn back. That rally last night was something to behold here in Texas. It was gigantic. I just want to give you a reminder when Barack Obama I got into office. Remember he was doing these giant stadiums. And thirty thousand seventy thousand people would show up soon as he was elected with by the midterms. Remember they were shooting up. In fact, I have video of it today. They're doing it again, they're not shooting from behind. So you don't see the crowd and Obama is out, and he's in, you know, these these rooms that are like four hundred people, maybe maybe tops two thousand and they're shooting it, so it looks like a big crowd. But it's not they did that in the midterms because his crowds went away. Here we are at the midterms and Donald Trump still has these gigantic crowds. And listen to what can we play Sarah the audio that was played on the loudspeakers outside of the rally last night in Houston. Listen to this. And hosted by Donald Trump for president. You're the president. Right to free speech and peaceful assembly while ensuring formerly Bradley. Cure area outside the venue. All protesters and we ask anyone wishing to demonstrate. In your area. Feet to disrupt on. Trump needs. Here at all time. Not. Officers of the location. Over your head in chanting Trump. Trump trump. Officers can remove the protester the rally. Bladders. Donald Trump for helping make America great again. I can't believe we have to have those announcements, but we we did. And the crowd was more than. If I was Robert Francis O'Brien or what's his name or Karuk running against Ted Cruz. I would be a little concerned because it was an overwhelming response from Texas where Texans I thought were a little. I dunno calm about this election and didn't really realize how much money Soros and others have poured in to make this a Blue Wave here in Texas more than any other Senate candidate for any quarter in history thirty eight million dollars for Beto just for him. That's not that's not including the Soros money that is going into the state outside Pac money and tons of that. So we're going to talk to the governor, Greg Abbott. We're gonna talk to him a little bit about the caravan. And also about what's happening. Here in our state. He's also running for reelection. But his he's so far ahead of any contender. He is really the greatest governor. I have ever I've ever lived under. I mean, I've never had a governor of a state that I've been more proud of then Greg Abbott, and obviously a lot of Texans feel the same way because it's a it's a runaway campaign for him. But the state of the state and the election when we come back with governor, Greg Abbott. Six hundred WR, easy and ninety two point one FM. Traffic coming from the wolf chase Toyota studio, we'll chase Toyota once again, Memphis is number one volume store. Morning right now, we still have delays due to an earlier wreck in Arkansas zone on northbound interstate two forty at poplar avenue. We've an injury crashes reported on Frazier boulevard near range line, processed teleworking, working westbound forty at warfighter pedestrian Monroe at broadstreet partners on the scene as well as points, which I think I'm Heather yard. Terrifying. Carey's where you'll be haunted by the voices. Scare.

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