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Know, generally generally have. And then a guys know I'm the same in general. These guys are Olympic athletes at this point back then they were generalists, You know? Okay, a boxing. Okay, jujitsu. I don't think they were. They weren't as rough as Bob Blue was, Um And, um You have to look him up to if you're out there, listening. One outstanding fighter. He thought all the best people in the U. S. C. Um I happened just to study him in and out on tape for that competition. I mean, I literally, uh, the match before him. There was a Olympic wrestler guy from Iran or something like that, that I went against me. He just looked like he was a ball of muscle. So I was actually more worried about that guy had to get through him to go to Bob Blue and then to the next guy. And yes, so I didn't have the luxury when I competed to go against it. You know, people that were at my rank Because I was the first in line We were, you know, kind of the first judicial people in America. And so when I was, you know, just a purple belt that was like a black belt in America. So there you know, nobody else was a permanent. They saw that belt and the room was like, Wow, Let's watch this match. So they would pit me against the Giants to that were also very good at Jiu Jitsu. So generally like a bigger dude would get their purple belt faster because they were just smashing everyone at the gym, you know, and so instead of me going against someone in my weight class, they got to. You know, these promoters got a kick out of putting this little kid against these monsters. And you know, most of the time I came out, I came out on top. So talking about the USC, which is obviously heavily influence through present jujitsu. I've known you for 14 years and I got to meet. You know, Frankie Egger is UFC champion because of you and balanced studios. How many UFC fighters or champions? Have you and balance trained and cornered. It is countless. I mean, yeah, So so So, you know, like, coming through balance training with us and helping corner you know, you would see Eddie Alvarez has been through there. Charlie Brennaman. Um and, uh um, Frank, he's been through there. Obviously. Frankie Edgar 1st 1st couple fights. Uh, Anton Berzin for UFC. You know, like I had court right below me right now. Corey Anderson. USC was training. And so the guys, they use the space we get out there, we corner room and you know, a lot of the guys have come out on top and not just UFC have you know a lot of Belich or fighters and then Question for you. So this is important because especially now these are not like these are current champions. And oh, yeah. Terrific Athletes that you're working with The fight camps are so serious. Why do you feel that These people are choosing you because at this level of publicity and money as a pro sport now that UFC is they could choose any camp to work with that These people are choosing their seeking out the my glorious brothers. Why do you think these Superb athletes want to be trained by you and your brother. A lot of the time. It's because we we only pick Certain for you to do it with right? So we need the most serious. You know, the guys looking for the gold and no BFC, we We don't You know, I don't think they have time for it, nor do we. So these are guys that are the most coachable And, you know, most talented, the most serious about what they're doing. And those are the best partners anyway. To have in any sort of thing. Yes. No, I love this now. So your training UFC athletes UFC champions In addition to the UFC, if I if I'm if I have my information correctly, you trained the FBI, The Marines, the SWAT teams. And you know real serious law enforcement where and you do weapons defenses and things like that. Can you talk about that's serious stuff. This is combat. And this is people's lives. How is is Brazilian jiu jitsu to relevant? For law enforcement and military and high level federal agents. Well, number one. It's self defense to save your life so that you know you get grounded by somebody That is, you know, has a weapon or as bigger, stronger and just, you know. Insane. You need to get up and get out of there and routine your weapons. So the jiu jitsu that that we developed for law enforcement for military is specifically for that first self defense to keep these, you know, officers healthy and alive, and secondly, it is used for apprehending suspects. So, um, and it works. That's the biggest thing. It's not, You know, It's not like it's without truth. So these things work and every at this point, so I started in the nineties early nineties. Doing things with the FBI doing things with SWAT teams in New York City, you name it, the kind of worked with them. You know, Homeland security. I've worked in flexi down in Georgia. Everywhere all over the United States and you know, I've led You know clinics with over 100 people in the room coming out just to just to learn some of those ju jitsu stuff. But like I said, it literally a lifesaver has been proven sort of tall. What's that, like for you? Because for me, there's there's this sport and there's the art again. We talked about earlier before the show martial artists. Sometimes people forget the aid. There's an art to it. There's a passion. But when you're talking about saving a person's life, like these law enforcement officers, they have Children, these soldiers, these SWAT team members, these people are putting their lives in harm's way to serve and protect. Theoretically, right, And so what does that feel like for you and for your team to be able to literally save lives and protect people by your teachings? That's gotta feel good brothers. Well, It is the reason why I still do and teach Ju jitsu today, so not just the law enforcement but to regular people and based off of the letters and conversations I've had with students over the years. They don't just do Jiu jitsu just to be a badass. That's not the idea. So there's so much more to it, you know, like without getting too much into it. This art has kept some of our students on this earth alive. Because they were able to get through difficult things because they had. You know this sort of ju jitsu mindset that teaches you how to relax. Pause. Everything has an end. You know, you'll get through this sort of thing. So that's the idea and for law enforcement. It's a must to stale, you know, to stay alive at your job that you go to every day, so I was going to say something about law enforcement and teaching them. So when I teach a regular student I never get questions like Will that work? Prove it. So with law enforcement. I've never had to choke out so many students to prove that it worked. So law enforcement and military they're like, No, I don't think this stuff works, but I can do it in a kind way. Get a rack it up. Hug him around their neck with a little choke, and they're like, Wow, this works. I've had it multiple times I had approved to law enforcement and the military that you know this stuff works. I'm a you know, I started as a little kid and I took out too. You know, Two of my students in the law enforcement class, too. And I'm like Mary, you need to know this stuff. There's no way it is magic. I got a question on that because I didn't know this. This is hysterical. This is definitely like awesome to hear from you fill. So have you ever trained like a Navy seal or like a combat elite soldier? And tap them out. What was their reaction? As if you're like a Navy seal or a combat soldier, like, Well, here's the other thing, too. So there's a two parter..

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