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Yeah, it is. Right. Okay, ABC news at two o'clock. I'm Kevin Trap No in person dining anytime soon. State officials are extending Southern California state home order. It also prohibits multi household gatherings and put strict limits on businesses. Governor Gavin Newsom's office says they're making the decision because hospitals in and around Los Angeles are buckling under the strain of covert 18 cases. L A County public health officials are urging production companies to strongly consider going on temporary hiatus amid the current current virus surge Film Elway, the nonprofit agency that coordinates film permitting in L. A reports a letter's been sent to industry officials from county health officials. Reminding them of the current surge and its impact on hospitals and the health care system as a whole. While the letter reminds production companies to exercise caution, as filming is currently permitted, the letter asks productions to consider hitting the pause button for a few weeks and at the very least, if possible, identifying delay higher risk activities like riding together in cars. Jim Group K. ABC News, Texas congressman is suing Vice President Mike Pence and the latest effort to overturn President elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump. U P Congressman Louis Go Homered and 11 Republicans from Arizona filed the suit it as a Texas federal judge appointed by Trump to declare that only pence Candace Side which electoral votes from any state should be counted. Legal scholars quickly shot down the lawsuit is hopelessly far fetch. Pen says president of the Senate will oversee Congress is January 6 electoral vote count. Michael Kastner. Things are ready to go for New Year's Eve in Times Square as they've successfully tested the confetti that will accompany the world Famous ball drop James flipping reports from New York. Better to leave nothing to chance, especially here in 2020..

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