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Welcome to episode number ninety two super bowl fifty two this is the rotated views podcast with jimmy lee and the crew giving you life from various perspectives welcome to our lot all we hope you enjoy the views all right you are now tuned into the rotated views podcast i am your host jimmy leave allies i'm here with james hack widow in game super bowl fifty two part in my voice the bill delfa eagles are your world champs and i was excited as anything last night celebrating and yelling in this episode the crew talks about the championship game between the philadelphia eagles in the new england patriots recovered topics that range from play goals reactions highlight celebrations the mvp and much more we wrap the episode up with quotes by coach peterson and nick folz all right if your new thank you for listening don't forget download subscriber gybed new episode every tuesday morning for your listening leisure dictionary dot com gives us the definition of super bowl the annual championship football game between the best team of the national football conference and that of the american football conference as the afc and nfc and the philadelphia eagles played the new england patriots in an epic game that ended with the final score of a forty one at thirty three holt delvius eagles all right james here's a question for you okay did you watch the game last night so did you light so you enjoy watching the game i think you're watching the game by their lake praying love cj awake.

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