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The day for w t o P. Updates 24 73 65 Listen, live on air when Alexa or on the W T o P F 9 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Let's check out those roads first with Ian Crawford in the Traffic Center issued new issue to talk about he tried to say is going to be in Virginia South bound 95 After Fredericksburg at Responsive Vania is gonna be right before the ramps at Thornburg eggs in one a train when 18. He tried to say the crash involving the 18 Wheeler blocks the right lane with caution north. I'll get by without delay and then between Fredericksburg and Springfield interchange, you should be in the clear with all earlier issues. Now resolved on 66 already working eastbound before and after Route 28 in Centerville, blocking the left lane. The work continues before and after Leesburg Pike exit 66 tailored for them on the right side. They might be blocking the right lane at times. And then he's bound before the rosin tunnel. You see the left lane disappear into the tunnel. You go single file, right? Once you're out of the tunnel, you get your lanes back. And you're good to go to the Roosevelt Bridge across the Roosevelt Bridge and into the district. All good on the freeway and on the 2 95. No reported delays in Maryland, waiting for it all clear Sound found BW Parkway before 1 97. We had traffic stopped. Crash activity unclear whether that remains the case in Charles County, Bury road westbound after Bunker Hill Road heading to our route to 29 Ben's still rode the crash activity had traffic stop for a brief time unclear whether that remains the case have not had an update from the front of the line in a while. 95 drama free between the bell weighs 50 across the Bay Bridge, two way traffic on the eastbound span. It passes without any reported incidents and then the right between buoy and Annapolis through buoy and Annapolis is also incident free. Save up to 75% off on all furniture.

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