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Who would you subtract a couple of wins from okay. I'm gonna say that. I am not as high on minnesota as you are. I think they'll be better than they were last year where they were really really shaky. But i don't think i see them going eight and four. That seems a little overly optimistic to me I think they'll be much better than they were on defense last year because they were really bad on defense. But i don't know i'm a little skeptical of what i think how good they'll be in the past game on offense like a couple of years ago where they had to reverse rivers outside and tender. Morgan had a really excellent twenty nineteen. I'm not not sure. I also absolutely get out of the gate and they play ohio state. I think they'll give Game for a half. But after that i don't think they keep up and i do think they'll win. Three non other three non conference games though or their three congress games fair enough so We're gonna. I'm gonna be doing one of these conference previews power five hundred previews every day this week. If you give me a second to plug the athletics wealth of coverage We have our what we did this last phone. We do a heisman. Draft among the national writers lindsey who who had to monte smith the name devante i'd jalen waddell. Nobody draft my jalen. Waddell blue on the highs. High outlast. your. I don't remember but you should still follow this. You'll remember with math attune. David oven you. Chris axles nicole. Auerbach ari wasserman. Andy staples and myself The whole staff will make their playoff picks at the end of the week. I've got bowl projections next week. We have something really cool called the hope meter It's a survey. You fill it out and we going to get a gauge of which teams fans are feeling the most or least optimistic of their team. So if you haven't subscribed already the athletic dot com slash the audible for discounted subscription. Speaking of which bruce had a very interesting story go up on monday about the origins of alabama's now lethal offense. And we've always heard. I've i've certainly or read a lot about the lane. Kiffin impact when he got there in terms of shifting them to more of the Hurry up offense. That saving saw with hugh freeze and kevin someone and he wanted some of himself. But the interesting thing about your story is is not it it. It's not the kiffin. Like brought that with him he came. They're kind of running the same offense than saving told him to go. Go find out how to do this. Young think there's a lot of layers to this one things that was fascinating was i mean. I talked to almost two dozen guys coach there now or have coached there and it. I think there's a lot of different versions of actually what happened. What was the impetus One of the things that i was told that was that actually had a big role in steering it was when lane kiffin first season there when blake sims. Beats out jacob coker. Both quarterbacks had a really hard time and was struggling. Picking up that system remember. Jake coco transferred in all. He played for jimbo fisher. Fsu and blake simpson played Slot receiver defensive back. Running back been bounced all over the place and at one point. I'll let people read reaons of the weeds of this. But lonnie rosen. Who's the psych Psychiatry guru who michigan miss who works michigan state. Who has known nick. Sabin for two decades. And nick saban trusts implicitly had basically talked to the offensive staff and at one point. As-sabeh asked lane kiffin. Okay give me an example of one of your play calls. And from what. I was told kiffin rattled off the like twenty syllable thing. And lonnie rosen was like apoplectic and from that you know not long after that all a lot of analysts guys on the offensive staff started doing a lot of research on a lot of different stuff to come up with more fast balls which were the one word play calls to get into the alabama offense and it evolved from there so i don't know it was it was a really fascinating rabbit hole to go down and i appreciate all the guys who took the time. To kinda share their recollection debit. It was it was very interesting to to jump into the funny thing is that there's so much that the there was differing accounts entirely about whether bill o'brien had an influence in the original version. Or not now. He's back as oc. And everybody's wondering you know what's the what's saving always says like it's our offense. The alabama offense heels makes it seem like the o. caesar interchangeable but clearly. Not i mean put put a You went from that. Rpo like when to hit the quarterback. It was. I felt like almost every was in. Rpo sark went to more of the play action. What we think in now bill. O'brien takes over and has a new quarterback completely frankly a lot of change over on their offensive personnel if you had to predict what will be his biggest influence on the office to question. I don't know my gut is. It would be more like like brian day. Ball what he did bringing in. The patriots pass concepts then. One of the things that that i was told was big with sark was also he throttled down a little bit and some of that i suspect had to do with the difference between the top first line receivers and what else he had. I think he wanted those guys out on the field and one of them a little fresher then going fast ball where you're just going things as fast as possible. I mean one thing that was interesting when I did talk to lane kiffin over the weekend for this story and one of the things that he got you know they used a bunch of oregon's old chip kelly oregon stuff and eagles stuff and there was one particular play that they that he got from kelly for the national title game where they'd be clemson. It was a game out in arizona. And it's the first touchdown of the game is fifty touchdown run by derrick henry and so i had talked to chip kelly and asked him about you. Know kind of how that came about. What the play was. But it's interesting when you find it online. They're going so fast that the broadcast chromos miss it because they go from a replay. All of a sudden the ball is snapped. Right at the spot. And i know if you're if you're the producer of the game you probably having a heart attack as you would have missed the almost missed the meat. The beginning of the games. I touchdown because you were coming out of a replay. 'cause they were going so fast aright worrying at the mailbag here in a second I know people don't like you know lot them. Like we are even mentioned. Covert on this podcast. But we are on the brink of the first games and it is back in the news First of all auburn coach bryan hartson is currently isolating. He has coded And anti staples will.

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