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Thirty fifth avenue near home depot. That same parking lot. And i've been going there since january and man. I kinda went in with a little creek. The older you get you sleep wrong you know. They're like hey get eight hours asleep and then you get eight hours asleep and then apparently you did that wrong though because you slept wrong so you go in feel in whippy. I pop out of there in there for five minutes man. I go in dr tyler terry. We're at the point now where he knows what he knows. What my back's doing so. He hits the trigger spots. I walk out. I'm feeling upright making it to my car. So i'm pumped. I'm gonna go as long as i need. Because i know you know just like anything. It can go of whack eventually just like exercise if you stop exercising. You're not going to be in shape anymore. So i do appreciate the great work that the excellent folks over at rev chiropractic do you know like. I said it's packed. But they they get through by while being thorough. If that makes sense they find that perfect balance. I don't know how they do. it first. Event is text line nine seven four seven eight thirteen county so says talking about drew lock. It's the consistency though too. When he first came in he looked great but then he was the guy when he was the guy he couldn't do it. Yes but we still have to try to look at this and say drew lock was extremely young. You know in those five first games of his career. Let's face it not a lot to play for not a lot of pressure season's lost and you have literally no where to go but up. So he found ways to make some things happen and again it was against teams that maybe weren't the greatest in the world. But you do look at the next season new offensive coordinator. No real offseason. That we've seen in the past and apparently that's been a big deal for drew. Look how much better. We looked just in that game and his poisonous demeanor. I know it's one. It's one quarter and half but you still something it's like i said you can't if they if they light it up which they both did. It's hard to walk away and go. Well there you go. They're both amazing..

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