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Did you ever drive all the time there's video definitely proof of video meet dr i don't know about that but this one are we show welcomed on monday show and we we go any bone show buddy his the bombing transmitting is about right yeah good morning welcome to monday show more studio spent the weekend out on the road telling jokes glad to be back glad to see all your faces like that face aiming look at that face now so your face your lunch walks like that face a good looking face faces yeah like all the faces chris lane you guys familiar with him yeah okay he had this song right here called what fix so let's call here play the clip shows he was talking about shows that he just got into and he mentioned friends he just started watching friends and not that i think that's crazy but is there anything that you're really late to the game on and you go wow and kind of so late to the game that it's a bit embarrassing to say that i'm really into it because i started watching the americans on fx and if i talk about it season to season three everybody's already seen it if they're going to watch it so that for me is it is there anything you've gotten into recently where you're like man i'm way because amy sort of watching west wing point that was a while ago but i was easily two decades or so how long ago that show is out but i watch a ton of less wing and it was amazing and nobody wanted to talk to me about it another show is that locked up sometimes i'll watch msnbc and i know they're really old lunch box he's talking about the show all the time.

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