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Time. Carelessness the World War Two vehicle slammed into a bus of north Seattle. College students five were killed in the crash nearly sixty hurt. It was a maintenance issue that Koehler says should have been caught. Did we own? Callers clients are suing ride the ducks Seattle ride, the ducks international the city of Seattle and the state of Washington in Seattle. Jennifer sullivan. Komo news will begin deliberations as early as Monday after a unanimous vote by city council committee today at one hundred sixty million dollar tax on property owners along the Seattle waterfront seems likely Monday. It'll help pay for a new waterfront park and other transportation improvements after the viaduct comes down council. Sally Bagshaw lives in the area and says she's voting in favor of the measures. I believe that our property values are going to increase. I think it's fair that I'm going to be paying an additional eight thousand dollars over twenty years, or whatever my share is property owners object saying this is a cost that should be spread out among all tax payers, data just those near the water largest individual settlement city history's being paid out by Seattle insurers as komo's Brian Calvert tells us the money goes to a woman since. Obviously hurt after being hit by an ambulance. The crash happened back in two thousand sixteen is the ambulance with lights and siren on went through a red light at the intersection of fourth and Seneca. Brooke Taylor had a green light at the same section. The driver's side of her Porsche was hit sending Taylor to Harborview with critical injuries. The attorney would never again be able to return to her high paying job, which is why this settlement is. So high Taylor's attorneys successfully argued that the thirty eight year old had plenty of working years left in her life. And that each of those years, she would earn in excess of a million dollars. That's why the settlement amount totals nearly sixty six million dollars that settlements already been given to the Taylor family, minus a six and a half million dollar deductible insurance paid for this payout. Brian Calvert, KOMO news time, ten forty and for the Harley exterior sports desk girl power on display this weekend at the university of Washington. More from komo's Bill Swartz, talking dawgs, former walk on gentleman has been a bridge between Washington women's. Basketball glory years to a program rebuilding a while. The huskies are one and six in Pac twelve conference play Moser sees tremendous improvement, it this year has been a year perspective and just knowing that a lot of these are the first of the last and so it's like every time we're gonna play the organs on their home floor. And so it puts things in perspective. And it allows me to just like look around even as we say in this Serena now and just enjoy like little moments. The Colton Washington native is enrolled in a U dub masters leadership program fortunate. She says to attend a university where they have a woman president and athletic director girl power here. It's it's a good feeling, and there's a there's a good energy around the women's sports here too. And so honestly, I'm I'm very grateful to be where I am Sunday. Afternoon is national women and girls in sports day at Alaska Airlines arena. I'm Bill Swartz, talking dawgs.

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