Jim Acosta, President Trump, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Sean Hannity


Nancy and check their experts on everything. But when you actually hear from the experts were there who have experience, they say, Nancy and chucker full of it. What say you, Jessica? I've been to places where we have effective barriers, and they most definitely work anyone who has been to look at the barrier systems that we have now that all that both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi voted for at one time. No that they work. Of course, they do and they worked for Mexico to because they, you know, you don't get thousands of people literally amassing by the border where there's no barrier to try to cross undercover of darkness. It slows them down. It. It drives them to places that are more difficult to cross and it deters people the illegal crossings in California and parts of Arizona and around El Paso, and a few other places have been decreased dramatically by putting up the fencing, and it makes the neighborhoods on both sides of the barriers much safer because the criminal cartels that control these areas. Moved to other places to get people and drugs and other contraband across the border, you know, Jeffrey the ever oblivious in dense CNN's Jim Acosta was mocked across social media today for posting a video that he meant to downplay President Trump's claims of a border crisis. But in truth it actually ended up supporting the president's argument that border barriers improve security. So here's a cost or he's walking along this. Steel barrier, and I'll quote him here, but you can see the video online. It's hilarious. Here are some of the steel slots that the president has been talking about a cost of said, but as we're walking along here, we're not seeing any kind of imminent danger end of quote, no, Jim you're not seen a danger because the wall is there, you know, this kind of idiocy seems endemic among the media. Greg. I have to tell you, I know Jim Acosta, and I when I was so astounded when I saw that I tweeted interests that simply because all work. And he's there with his is Ray shades. Like, he's Mr. cool. You know, he's hoping to get on a late night talk show once again. I just, you know, it's it's a mindset and the president mentioned the other night two words common sense. And. Thousand feet to pull back of it. This is the problem with the American. Western American liberal is is just no common sense. There about a whole range of things. But this is the most obvious one at the moment. I mean, of course, walls work, of course, they do. This is why they surround Jim Acosta with him when he goes into work. The secure from people trying to get in there because of CNN. I mean, it is just mind boggling here that they can't seem to figure this out. It's it's you know, you don't know whether it literally to laugh or cry. Yeah. Well, you know, I go to the many places along the border that have nothing. Yes. Like around Laredo and in south, Texas where the president is visiting. And then if Jim Acosta stood there long enough, there would be illegal alien adults with kids accosting him thinking patrol, and then he figured out. What's going on a cost of gets a costume? Here's your natural headline experience. Yeah. I mean, you know, but he wouldn't go there because. Well, he he's not smart enough to go there. But second of all he'd probably end up being a victim of a crime. And you know, Jim doesn't want that. All right. It's dangerous. Yeah. Of course, you know. It's it's obvious to anybody with an ounce of common sense and half a brain, which excludes necessarily Jim Acosta. All right. If you guys could stick around just a moment wanna talk to you just a bit more going to squeeze in a quick break. I'm Greg Jarrett in for Sean Hannity, his exclusive interview tonight with President Trump down to the border will air on Fox News channel at nine pm.

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