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Okay came. So we've had the second half of all of the round four matches today apart from. People. On people and off Daniel Collins, on Danielle Collins are going to be playing tomorrow because of the weather. But let's let's talk about the matches that have happened and let's start with. Let's start with. Patrick Evita because we have just spoken about is. Issue now, the inherited favorite from Saleh because they're all, they're all think a significant number of fans and the people in the press people in the media who would probably say you know Patrick vetiver is is looking is looking very good and you know even though she's not been the greatest kind of clay court player in the possum using this is I know you have second appearance in quarterfinal? Ever Ah at the French. Open. Nothing first twenty twelve. A law people saying that she is now she is now the favourite I mean she came through quite easily against Jiang hsi-wei six, two, six, four, one, hour, twenty, five minutes. I mean, what do you think I mean I feel like we're on a collision course for potentially. A cannon semi final. But do you think what would you think about Kavita? What did you think she stands kind of getting into the second week of the French Open. Well. She's Lower Ziegler next and have to say that Christmas the favourite for that one given. A format grandma she's a two-time select Sim champion and Reach final last year. So I mean, yes she's not being at this stage of girls for years but Her ability is is still that and have formed today was very impressive. Hairpin wasn't really anything ever going to particularly challenge. For just managed the Powell Haredi so you. Would expect. To come through against Zeke but I think. I think, yeah that that semi that we will kind of looking with. That would be with Kenan is the maybe the Perhaps, that will be the batch for the tournament riddick given the fact that they're the only to slam champions left in it but some. Yeah, I'd like to see Kavita win another slam I think. She was quite, very strong. Thanks Day because you know the horrendous knife attack a couple of years back and I, think it was three years ago the at road and where she came back from that I almost back so. I think it'd be back in at this stage in the last eight of the tournament hair. It's it does mean a lot to her and I think if she can kind of channel that that. I I wouldn't be surprised if she went and won the tournament Joe. Yeah she's always kind of bear isn't a dangerous player which puts it all together. It's interesting because we look at. Grand Slam record she's those two titles at Wimbledon and I think that's where you know see the British public fell in love with her but we don't really associate with being able to do it on a on a clay court and you look at. How qualities in terms of you? Now, she is a very powerful hitter from the baseline and you you. You know obviously that works very well on a on across court. but yeah, I. Think into the French Open on clay cool I was just wondering. How how how is that going to work because she really sort of a loopy. Heavy for. So apply she hit like a little bit more flat but I mean, she still has even these calls. She still has kind of the. She still has the power to hit clean winners I mean she hit twenty three. Against Changsha today. And Yeah I just think I just wonder if you know she's going to be able to just kind of blow away the competition with with that sort of that sort of play wherever she can whether she can keep I know she's going to have hodder opponents if down the line with potentially. Kevin Kennon in the in the semifinals Siegelman as well is going to be you know no slouch. So. Yeah it's. It's. It's still kind of I. Think there is danger that. I think. Looking at butterball feeder before the total dating, we were thinking the. Candid. Could be the loss to seats. The law seeds left it on in the bottom half of the draw but. Hey. That's that's where and you know this French Open has been unpredictable but convertible I think has shown so far that she's been A. She's been pretty solid and lift up. I mean she's lived up to her seating so far yeah. She hasn't come through with any major dramas and I think Joe is most natural SF space or the one that we would associate with she has won a few of the Klay Premiere Events Unai she's one Madrid Tom's thing. So I think especially with indoor play she's she's she quite likes that so I think necessarily this. Is. A, really fall score is going to be perhaps a massive issue I today I mean Zeke. Men today she came through against Paulo. DOSA. In straight-sets, she's off to that first round. Of It and the drama of the double bounds she's been making swift progress through and. Some fog still to lead that game. LITERALLY WITH PEOPLE ARE PAINTING OF DOOMSDAY scenario we've kind of like. Ziegler. Zeke. But there's always going to win the French Open. How she could live for the rest of our life knowing that she double bouts did that I rattled to get rich. How she lived with. Renault in that. Scenario just yet but. Hov Today Zeke decided to during her payments medical timeout. She went over to get a nice top of noodles or something. And then she decided that with a full eating eating a box of carbs and she said she, she was kind of a bit loan call. She wants to have a a sugar rush but she didn't really found see like on an open on she wants something really substantial. So she also. Get some some up and she just sat ain't as a say I love I love how you the script or the take out via physio. Is Not the. really interesting though because it's not something. We see. If I can remember. The. Incident the. Brought to my mind. Maybe for British fans, there's been Marcus Willis. A think a few years ago. I had a can of coke and a snickers bar on shaven. It gave me kind of flashbacks of that but I've never.

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