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Couple certain areas and one is making ensure they're very good at wide receiver. They invested draft resources in that area. Last Steve's off season and so they had a couple rookies playing there this year. who showed some promise? So maybe they'll just lean on those guys and say we're good or maybe they will go out and try to add additional wide receiver but I think teams are really going to make the Ravens and Lamar Jackson in continued to beat them with his arm and with the passing game and then defensively. They've got some free agents I think they've got to improve their pass rush improve their sort of front not seven their defensive line their linebackers. And I think that's an area where where you'll see them at additional resources this off season so no league. MVP Not in the last two decades has won the super bowl and also drake wished Lamar Jackson a happy birthday on social media. So which of these two curses is the real reason that the ravens lost. I mean it's got to be. Drake is thinking analytically here. Yeah I think maybe if they make the playoffs next year safety Earl Thomas Lamar. Maybe they'll don't tell sort of chill and they don't need that kind of good luck going into next year postseason well shield. Thanks so much for joining us and enjoy the best time of the year. Great thanks for having me. You can read shield Kapadia story about Lamar Jackson and the Ravens at the Athletic Dot Com. The other divisional matchups the chiefs had a comeback for the ages ages. After the Texans jumped out to twenty four nothing lead. Kansas City rattled off six straight touchdowns including three in a row. Too Tight End Travis. Kelsey in a fifty one thirty one victory all the chiefs became the first team. AM IN NFL history to win a game by twenty points after falling behind by at least twenty points and fun fact hat mahomes became the first player in NFL history to throw for at least three hundred yards and five touchdowns while rushing for at least fifty yards in a playoff game that was a lot of numbers. Meanwhile the forty niners owners cruise to victory knocking off the Vikings Twenty seven ten behind. No surprise here. A stifling defense and strong running game the Niners D set a franchise playoff record by holding Minnesota to just one hundred forty seven. Total yards doesn't fires over the middle by Ricksen sermon German. The just okay Jimmy. Garoppolo picked up his first playoff win as a starter and Kyle Shanahan got his first playoff W as a head coach coach and a late push from the seahawks fell short in Green Bay. Russell Wilson the all time. winningest road quarterback help Seattle Trim and eighteen point lead to to five p careless seahawks kind of chickened out on a fourth down and punted and the packers ran out the clock after close. I down after review the plane the ruling on the field stay as is call. It was sweet revenge for packers fans who suffered a devastating loss to the seahawks and the two thousand fourteen. NFC Championship game. The pack will now play the forty niners in the match up of top seeds while the chief square off against the surprising. Succeed tightness if you like our show. Please please take a moment to give us a five star rating and tell your friends to subscribe. Were available on all the things from wonder and the Affleck time under skelter and I'm beat the Davidson and Steve Tomorrow..

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