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Or not spoke to MSNBC. I can't tell you how honored I am that the people of my home state where I was born and raised and educated Morehouse College have decided tow. Send me to the United States Senate is a time when people are suffering in so many ways as the pastor. You know, I'm used to walking alongside people at their high moments, and they're low moments and Because the honor of my life that I get to represent the people of this very great state war not beat Leffler by 1.6%. At last count, John Assaraf will become Georgia's first Jewish senator, and at 33 years old, the Senate's youngest member. He claimed victory this morning and vowed to help work to defeat the Corona virus pandemic at this moment of crisis. As covert 19 continues to ravage our state in our country, when hundreds of thousands have lost their lives, Millions have lost lively hoods. Georgia families are having difficulty putting food on the table. Fearing for closure or eviction, having difficulty making ends meet. Let's unite now to beat this virus and rush economic relief to the people of our state and to the American People and Associated Press survey of more than 3700 voters found that black voters made up roughly 30% of the electric And almost all of them, 94% backed Warnock and Ausaf. The Democrats also relied on the backing of younger voters, people earning less than $50,000 annually and newcomers to the state voters who backed Leffler and Perdue, where the mirror opposite white, older, wealthier and longtime Georgia residents. This is the Pacific it evening News on K P s a Berkeley kpfk, Los Angeles, KFC, a Fresno. I'm Eileen else and very high security Belmarsh prison. Ah British judge denied bail to Wikileaks founder Julian Assan. She's been jailed in Britain since 2019 is he fights extradition to the United States. District Judge Vanessa Buried sir ordered a sandwich to remain in high security Belmarsh prison while the courts consider an appeal by U. S authorities to her decision, barring a Sanchez extradition The judge had denied extradition on health grounds, saying Assad was likely to kill himself has held under harsh U. S prison conditions. But she also said a song has an incentive to abscond and there's a good chance that he would sail to return to court of freed on bail. ASanchez partner Stella Morris called the decision a huge disappointment and urge President Trump To pardon him. This'd.

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