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And a half years, you continue to say in these unprecedented times. Close the doors. Let someone else try. Shut it down. Time to get our shit together, Mikey. I have to get that shit together. I'm telling you. God, I'm dying over here. All right, so now we're talking Jimmy Dunn. He's gonna be Manchester New Hampshire. May 13th. Friday night with Tony V and then the next night, my wife and I are actually going out to a comedy show. If you see me in the back, Jimmy. Don't make fun of me too much, okay? 'cause I get I'm very sensitive. If you see me dance, look at that asshole. I won't, but I can't make any promises. Now, you know what to do, Jimmy. All right, so now, let's ask you a couple of questions that have to do with the society in which we live. This comic, funny man, Jimmy dun and all comics. I can talk about current issues. Better than anybody. Who's fault is a $4 and 59 cent gallon of gas. I can tell you exactly whose fault is this. And I know you want to blame. The president of the United States or you want to blame the pandemic or you want to blame Putin in the invasion or you want to blame any number of politicians, but I'll tell you whose fault all this inflation is. It's the people that decided about four or 5 years ago that $500 was a reasonable price to pay for a goddamn cooler when we started paying $500 for coolers that go to the beach when you could get a $20 cooler economy. All right, anything goes down. Put a price whatever you want on it. Sky's the limit. That's when we lost control of this world when people instead of going to Coleman's and get the $20 cooler. Yeah. Well, it's Coleman's even still. Well, yeah, speaking of Coleman, do you remember Gary Coleman? He's buried in a cooler. It's the only time a cooler could be worth 500 bucks is if it's the only one you can get and you got to bury those body parts before the cops come. Right? I look at a $500 cooler and the kids, the kid in the store goes off. It's got all kinds of features and I go, look, here's what you need for features. You need ice and you need beer and you close the lid. I do remember this when I was a kid. My dad had a cooler and had a yardstick on the top of it, right? Measure in fish. That's what the premise was. Okay. Right? You know that yardstick that they would bowled into the top of the cooler, right? Yeah, yeah. But my dad didn't like the fish as much as he liked to drink. He would do the same gag every time. He'd pull out a beer and he'd measure it up and he'd go, that's a keeper right there. And then colonel clink would jump up and go. Do you want to go to the cooler? If you have a yardstick though on your cooler, someone's not hip to the whole measuring the fish thing. You can explain it away by saying, you know, something perverted. I got this stick I got a bit. How deep is your how deep is your fish? So the markets are down. Now as well. So we don't just have high gas prices. By the way, record high gas prices now. We have the stock market collapsing. And the one thing people Trump people hate Trump, they say, oh, Trump, Trump Trump. The stock market was good throughout his four years. Now it's starting to really suck. What's going on with that? I don't look at that every day and let that ruin my day. I can't pay attention to that stuff. And I listen, I don't know what kind of money you got stashed away in the market, Mikey, but I got all my money tied up in this building that's around my that I sit in. And coolers and coolers fish cool. $500 cool is that what it's about. Well, of course, you know, I don't know if you know this, Jimmy, but I'm an independently wealthy philanthropist, and I've got several $1000. I heard that rumor, a couple of the guys that when you're Uber told me that. Okay, so see how we're doing current events here, submitting. This is pretty good. This is unbelievable. I'm telling you, we're right on the bubble. And the thing is with Jimmy, you know, you say anything. He just goes off on it. You know, because he's funny man, Jimmy Dunne. He's not just a regular guy. Funny man, Jimmy Duncan, one of the letters was out in his name the other day. One of the lights was out. Oh. I got two things more. I got to get to this. You ready for this? What's with people on TV? Especially on MSNBC where they're just, they're too far too liberal for their own good. I heard a lady saying, talking about this abortion issue and saying, well, I'm talking to all women or people with a uterus. What does that mean? Or people with a uterus aren't they all women? I don't know, Mike, I don't know. Good answer. Good answer. I just think that the world is completely fucked right now. I think the last thing we should be doing is looking at stuff that we already kind of figured out a while back. Come on. I thought we had that covered. I read a book about this. Science could be fixed in the rest of the world first before we get into what a woman should do with her own body. I mean, if I hear somebody say, I want to talk to all men or people with penises. And I'm going to say, well, what a useless waste of words. How should we make a movie about that? One of my pet peeves is this. We'd like you to come in from all of you guys on this because you know, I've been on this before. They have these medicinal ads. It's all big pharma on TV. And every break, you see somebody's Hawking some big drug, which is going to do something for you. And then you say, oh, I can have my psoriasis. This treated? That's correct. Oh, oh, but I could get cancer. It's like, it's the side effects that are The Killers, okay? So and it's also interesting that almost every medicine has a Z in it. Okay, I'll name a couple here. Brez tree, do you know what brez tree is, BRZ TRI? No. Jimmy, you don't know. No idea. Wasn't that the mall up in Davis? The press tree mall. That's right. Breast trees for COPD, but here's the problem. You take breast treat to treat your COPD and you can get pneumonia, you have a higher chance of it's called breast treat aerosphere. It may increase your chance of getting pneumonia since it increase in mucus, which is also called, by the way, sputum. Did you know that? Yeah. Mucus isn't better known to some in the medical industry as sputum, which is just sounds gross. You can have a change in your mucus color. You can get fever, chills, increased coughing, increased breathing problems. Isn't that what COPD is? So you're treating COPD, which is a breathing problem, and you can get more breathing problems. What's the point? It's all a gamble, Mikey. It's all, you don't know. You know what I mean? They don't know. They know. They know, but they sell the stuff, right? And then, you know, okay, how about O Tesla? Anybody know what that's for? Oh, oh. No, that's what zembic. Yeah, no, this is a Tesla. Did you want some? Tesla? Yeah. No. It sounds like psoriatic. I know exactly. It's for psoriasis, which also, which begins with a PS, just like Psaki. Psoriasis. Tesla can cause allergic reactions, sometimes severe. Sure. Stop using it and call your healthcare provider. What happened? I took a Tesla. Oh, quick go to the emergency room. It can cause raised bumps, hives, rash, or itching, swelling of the face, lips, trouble breathing, or swallowing. Your chunk and your throat or your arms can swell up. You're all good stuff there, all good stuff. Is it Popeye? No, he just took O Tesla..

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