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More from komo's Corwin Hake on day two of the trial of William Talbot. The second for the nineteen eighty-seven murders of a young Canadian couple prosecutors are expected to call retired police officers who gathered the first evidence, we may also hear from the bartender of tavern, where the couple's van was found abandoned Snohomish county deputy prosecutor. Justin Harlem admits. Some witnesses are relying on memories that may have faded seven nine hundred eighty seven not everyone sits on that stand is going to remember every detail thirty years after the fact, but he is counting on scrupulous evidence gathering and storage, along with new genetic genealogy technology to convict Talbot for the murders of ten you've unkind Lindberg, and Jay Cooke, the defense has made it clear genetics aside. They believe there is no evidence proving Talbot killed them. Corwin Hake, KOMO news, two months after his arrest in the nineteen seventy-two, cold-case rape and murder. An Edmonds man is out of jail as we hear from komo's Carleen Johnson. Seventy-seven-year-old Terence Miller was arrested in April forty seven years after twenty year old Jodi limits was raped and shot in the head near mill creek and Syr body. So we got out of the car, and we walked up there and saw Jodi lane there. Kathy Lennick found Jodi near dead on that dirt road in nineteen seventy-two rushed her to the hospital, but it was too late. DNA from the killer was collected at the time. But there were no suspects last year, a breakthrough in the case when in Oregon genealogist built a family, tree for the suspect based on that DNA evidence and Miller was arrested and charged is going to be all right. Because he's he's caught. He didn't get away with it on Friday. They'll Miller was released after posting bond. He does have an ankle bracelet on trial tentatively scheduled for October. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Komo news time nine thirty three. A murder case in Everett involving a man accused of showing up at his wife's workplace and fatally shooting her. They're charging papers say fifty nine year old Jeff feebis shot his estranged wife last week as the at the achilles plastics manufacturing plant in Everett. Prosecutors telling the Everett herald, feebis put out a company jacket to disguise himself, then shot Rebecca feebis in the neck. She died at the scene feebis charged with premeditated. Premeditated. I degree murder. Surveillance video shows of Amish just before a deadly officer involved shooting in Renton is police. Explain why they shot and killed a man on Saturday. Komo Suzanne Fong from downtown renting, according to Renton PD, when officers got to cheer sports bar and grill. They found someone waving a knife, and threatening to hurt people then that man ran into the restaurant and an officer follows him inside in the video. The man with a knife runs off camera as he lunges at a bar patron. The man ended up stabbing a customer in the arm, according to witnesses and officer shot and killed the man with the knife. None of the bar staff, recognize that man, they've never seen him in or around the bar before and they tell me they don't think that the attacker knew the customer has for the customer, who was stabbed in the arm. He's expected to make a full recovery. As for the officer involved shooting here, an independent team is reviewing it. Zan. Fong conus coders. I'm nine thirty four and straight.

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