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Schwartzman is with us looking at Barcelona losing its first match of the year. Right. What a strange day it was in the world of football Barcelona's. He said they lose its first match the season. And they do it till goddess two to one that's really a shock, and it was a full squad for Barsa. Meanwhile, how did this one Real Madrid gets dominated by severe three though Liverpool also loses for the first time this season after six straight matches Chelsea knocking the reds. The Caravelle copy thrilling to two one win at Anfield even hazard scoring the winner at the eighty five minute, Mark Tottenham. They struggle at a to draw with Waterford, but they move on forty. Two pens are still knocking out Brentford three to one Danny Welbeck's. He scores. A brace looking around Europe event shuts up to that was in Syria in the Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund dominates nurenberg, seven nil. Leverkusen passports unit two to one league one St. Japan. Beating started to Hans three four to one as Edison Cavani scores. A race. Meanwhile, the mirror in England reporting that Manchester United setting a price tag of two hundred million pounds for midfielder, Paul pod. But man, you could be agreeable to swap deal fast. Most clubs without be willing to meet that transfer amount. Major league baseball scoreboard local teams in action right now. Top six Landon. The Mets are scoreless in New York. Bottom of the fourth game to a double header Baltimore Boston tied at two game. One. All Boston nineteen to three winners in that one. Another final Washington nine Miami three the LeBron. Fourth trailing Tampa Bay four two three coming up later on tonight. Oakland's at Seattle San Francisco home for San Diego. I'm Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg NBC world sports update Juliette down. Thanks so much coming up. We'll talk to Kathleen Hayes about the fed rate. Hi, this is Linda..

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