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Jon Benet Ramsey. I'm Jason Horton. I'm Rebecca Leber in this is Ghost Town. Thursday we interrupt all broadcasts stop your news sources. Stop your social media feeds. This is such a weird week. So we decided to do a weird episode. It's going to be where do I even begin with this? I received an email last week from a friend who works at a very a large entertainment news source, and she sends me this email and I am at work and I don't quite get it and she keeps texting me. Have you seen the email and I'm like what email is this? And I open up this email and I start to read it. I immediately so much Jason I get the email. I'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors, and I'm looking at the email and the email is so strange dog. Kind of jarring. I thought I fell asleep and I was in a Nightmare on Elm Street cuz it really freaked me out. I know what this was. It's all chopped up. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot we're going to get into English. So this is from again A friend of mine who works at a major entertainment news source, and this email is to CBS. It's too old Cathedral don't know what that is KTLA we've done that Washington Post et cetera CNN all of those things and it starts dear News Channel's slash news stations. I am Jon Benet Ramsey all caps. Please read and forward, please. So again, it's like we're sharing this. Okay excerpt below if from my attached full note report at bottom of email. The kid of different different size font a different font the kidnappers and Margaret and Matthew McConaughey photos below. We're also threatening me and my parents John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey that my birth parents John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey would be hostage again in the United States once no longer hostage at Selena Toyota in Romania salt mine where they are still so we've got that and that's just from Jon Benet Ramsay at the email..

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