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A look at WGN sports this morning. What's happening? Joe brant? Well, what's and done is Tim Anderson just had the birth of his second daughter. And then he did this yesterday. Hers is swaying along the left down the line of the poll, it it up. All wrong brand is United up socks late. Ten eighty one of three runs driven by TA. That was the final run to the ball. Game is Ryan Burr earned the win. Alex column picked up his second. Save SOX beat the Seattle. Mariners ten to eight on the home opener yesterday. They'll host Seattle again today on the south side pre game show with Andy mazer is at twelve thirty five. John and Troy have the puck drought shooting had firmer. Darren Jackson have the first pitch at one ten getting my broadcast teams mixed up there. It'd be kind of cool though. Yeah. How about the old Rodney Dangerfield job? I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out so much for Jose cantatas track record at Miller park heading into yesterday's game. The cubs lefty had an IRA under two in Milwaukee. But that quickly ended as q allowed eight runs through just three innings. Cubs dropped their sixth straight game with thirteen ten loss to the brewers tonight. Cole hamels faces Corbin burns for six ten. First pitch from Wisconsin misses the game. I was trying to get to. Two earlier because Corey Crawford suffered a groin injury and yesterday's game at the United Center. So Cam ward took the ice ended up being his seven hundred career game on the ice. Hawks. Beat the Dallas Stars six to one Patrick Kane with a couple of goals, Chris Kunitz with one as well. And now the hawks will take on the Nashville predators tonight for their final game of the two thousand eighteen two thousand nineteen season. Chris Boden has the pre-game show at six thirty John and Troy with the puck drop at seven o'clock on AM twelve eighty redder on seven twenty WGN in WGN radio dot com. Jimmy Butler returning to the United Center tonight is the bulls host the Philadelphia seventy Sixers and a lot of brackets are busted. But the tournament continues tonight with the final four featuring Virginia taking on Auburn and Michigan state playing Texas Tech to Paul fell to US F in the tournament and Notre Dame looking to win their second consecutive women's tournament. In the NC double championship, they will play Baylor tomorrow on the home of the black. Northwestern Wildcats and Chicago White Sox baseball. I'm Joe brand WGN sports. Thank you, Joe. Checking WGN traffic.

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