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And this is where we saw. Diy Reunite in that cage and they both hit their Tag Team Finisher on black. That was the double knees there to Alison Black and that was a pretty cool moment there and Kinda made you scratch your head and in wondering where things were going Dr try. Yeah to me. It was kind of like the If diy was dark is do yourself darkness in yourself was it was my take on diy but it was really was a what hanger like? You're happy to see them back together. Like if that's the way it was going you're like Oh wow. They're they might reunite and this be kind of cool. Then you're like anytime you're like. I really want them. Being villains was as it was awesome an awkward at the same time but it still wasn't. Were like man I i. You couldn't turn away from it because it was still re really good even if you didn't fully understand where it was going to hit a January twenty six two thousand and nineteen as Johnny Gargano wins gold and diy stand tall on an exceeded close out and take takeover Phoenix that evening earlier than I. Johnny Gargano Defeats Ricochet to become the new. Nfc North American champion Walter Muscle Champa retain the title over Alston Black Gargano defeated ricochet with the brain buster on the exposed concrete outside the ring fall by slingshot. Ddt inside the ring for the pin and the show included with Johnny Gargano appearing on the stage with Tomasa Champa as they each held up championship goal to close out the show and other one of those moments where the title screen the caption at the bottom. The closing moment graphic and It was both those guys reunited on top of annexed. Dr Trae. Yeah in. This is almost forgotten timeline of this but in a lot of ways you're like man this actually led to black and ricochet teaming up for a while as well like this is kind of like a precursor to what we saw them. You know both teams going to run smack down. I think But yeah just those were actually just really good matches. I think get overlooked. Because it's not Gargano versus CIAMPA. You that people love so much the these these are both outstanding matches with four really top notch competitors We'RE GONNA go to February twentieth. Two Thousand and Nineteen John Are GonNa Loses the North American championship developing dream. The most notable moment from this match was to Moscow Champa a sense of pity win Johnny Ghana lost. I was the first time we saw Johnny Gargano and to Moscow Champa or more an ugly Tomasso Champa have have blackheart a heart toward gender. God's title loss. It was a very small moment in this few Dr Trae but This is when we started seeing pity. Conference champions two to Johnny Gargano. Yeah we had seen moments of Gargano do that with shop. Go back to the broken crutch spot where he questioned himself with you. Want him and it's like all right. We'll we've seen CIAMPA will do is completely ruthless will do whatever it takes to win In we started see Johnny. Get that you know that aggressive in this moment you go wait. Ciampa does he does care about Johnny. Like it was things where it's like just shows you the depth of these characters that you'll they'll they'll feud they get back together you know break apart like it's just more layers of emotional content laid upon the viewing audience. Yeah Tomas Champa felt pity for Johnny Gargano that he suggested that. Diy reunite for the dusty Rhodes tactic classic and that started on March six two thousand nineteen a diy defeated the undisputed air in the first round on March six but ended up losing to alyce black and ricochet who eventually went on to win that year's tournament on March Thirteenth in the semifinals on TV. It was also during this time. That diy was tagging on the main roster getting victories over the revival and the bar in the match against also black and ricochet on May Thirteenth. They came out to the diy theme song with matching gear. And the now I D I y blue shirt Then in an oath to their NFC take Chicago match against AARP. Johnny Garner was nursing an injury while a frustrated CIAMPA tempted to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately it backfired in one place. One well-placed black mass fall by six thirty splash force. Diy Out of the tournament. Kinsley Ray ran down to the ring to check on her husband into Moscow Champa uncharacteristically put-down Goldie has his. Nfc Championship to check on our Gano. This misaligned sympathy was unlike anything we'd seen from CIAMPA in months as a to walked up to stage in full sail university together chopper briefly stared at the Doc- Roach taxing classic trophy. Then attempted to throw Johnny Gargano into the led stage cleverly. Johnny knew how the scenario would play out so he faked the injury and then reverse it by throwing chop into the stage following up with a super kick kind cheered in approval at this point in time it looked like diy Jennifer Garner that the best of Tomato Champa it appeared that for months Jonah. Devise a plan to grow closer to Champa only to see the champion. Let his guard down and become more trusting so johnny got evil tapped into his dark side to get a little bit closer to chop on the black heart. Doctor Try yeah this was What's the Um beautifully well-done once the only thing I didn't like about it was you got black and ricocheted advancing the doc- tournament because like I just want one real tag team to win the first thing the Arizona but like outside? That's always been like mismatch. Tag Teams But just with in reference to Gargano and job just beautifully laid out. Slow burn storytelling At its finest with us in the end result with Johnny getting the upper hand Tomasa was just kind of out of nowhere. And we're just like wow. That was just incredibly well done because you can go back and look at all. The sees that were planted in laid out to where you finally get to your final harvest. There was just beautifully. Well done and of course once again. This feud was snake bitten as Tomato. Champa had suffered an injury park to Was revealed after this segment that Tomas O. Champa injured his neck and required immediate surgery as a result most notably Gano Chapel. Were supposed to face one another antics. He takeover New York that weekend Or that Later in a couple of weeks and we even heard that CIAMPA wanted to wrestle mismatch so we could drop the title it was not medically cleared to do so so unlike that time next take up. Chicago when he knew that he tours. Acl and they let them go out there and wrestle they did not let him Russell mismatched. Even drop the title to Johnny Gargano and keep glimmer of hope. Alive in the feud Gargano went onto defeat Adam Cole. Nfc TAKEOVER NEW YORK on April Fifth. Two Thousand and nineteen eighty two out of three falls match in one of the greatest. Nfc matches ever following the conclusion of the match and emotional Johnny Gargano celebrated with his wife candace as they made their way up the ramp to conclude the show. Familiar face emerge from back to Moscow champa instead of attacking johnny that the three embrace in one of the most emotional moments in recent memory for split-second fans saw the real chop celebrate with his best friend. This was an amazing moment. Dr Trae and It was pretty cool to see them kind of pull back the curtain and just got an opportunity to really celebrate this championship. It made no sense restore lines stamp because the last time we saw champ of prior to this he was born in an led stage but we were told basically to Kinda throw everything out the window and just go. You know what cave this? Yeah this is my earlier when you go back and you see how close Gargano gotten a few of the Andrade then the chances yeah with with Ciampi when the belt and then to finally captured in that unites to that match. We've we've done shows on that match. It was fantastic. Gargano overcoming all the obstacles in everything thrown at him during that match and everything else he'd overcome to get still one of the best crowd reactions I have ever seen for an NFC wwe But just that Cathartic emotional release of Johnny finally capturing the title Just really well done and yeah. You're right that the the ending onstage was weird But you know if you know the deeper story you know these guys backgrounds beautiful But just one of those moments that you watch it and you're like yeah. I know where I was going to happen. And I I remember how I felt when I saw it. Ciampa returns and DIY reunites for the third time. During this time we saw Johnny Gargano Feud With Adam Cole over the NFC championship at execute. Take over twenty five hundred. I two thousand eighteen drop in the NFC title to Adam Cole. That evening and then they would battle it out again at him calling Johnny Gargano and Take Toronto on August tenth. Two thousand nine hundred and losing again to Adam Cole and two out of three falls match. That's all I singles match streetfight and barbed wire steel cage match. Stipulations for each of the falls fast forward to October second the very first episode of Annex Television Against Awa dynamite and tomorrow champ return from injury to confront Adam Cole and start a feud as the Wednesday night wars began on the October twenty third episode of annex t gone on Champa reunited again to face the undisputed air alongside Finn Baylor It was during this segment. That Ballard famously attack are as the undisputed air assaulted Tomasz. Oh Champ so we get some sort of reunion here. Dr Trae prior to this last time on annexing television outside of the NFC takeover New York moment was Jennifer Garner throwing champion to the led board but they found common ground in their hatred for Adam Cole. Mensa speeded era as they are moving forward here in the fall. Two Thousand Nineteen. Yeah and that's still on the best moments The last couple of years in wrestling was you know the he turn of Baylor on Gargano. Just came out of nowhere in the look on trump's face when ballard hits the. Palay kick like what the Hell just happened. And then he gives jobs Just at that point before that turn you see the match out there. The face off with Chop Gargano and Ballard gets as we like man. This could be really good. The three of them against the era and then the entire segment decay goes completely the opposite direction. And we're left sitting there going to happen but this was really great and the lie that was because of the emotions that we'd have vested in Ghana and trump together moving forward there. Tomasa Champa feuds with Adam Cole industry to error why Johnny feud with Finn. Baylor was during this time there was not much interaction between trump. Gargano had their separate feuds going on Champa with the industry to Darren Gargano within Belarus's I previously mentioned most notably. Gargano was set to face fan dollar and actually takeover war games on November twenty third two thousand nineteen but was forced out due to a neck injury and was replaced by Matt Riddle Chump. His team consisting of keithly dodger. Cova Kevin Owens ended up defeated the undisputed air in a war games match that evening as well Gargano would return to annex TV on December..

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