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Noel Gallagher had a band. And they were just like, whatever. He was the singer. I mean, he's got to find voice. He's really good songwriter. They weren't doing anything. So he's like, hey, Liam. How about you come sing for my band? And Lee was like, you been so stick around and sing for him. And he moved from Kent to Essex. And started singing for oasis, and the rest is a wonderwall. In 1903, the team built their first complete motorcycle, featuring a single cylinder engine, a buckle crank, and a leather drive belt, the bike was kickstarted by the writer pedaling until the engine built up enough compression to take over. Like a moped. Yeah. Shortly thereafter, the eldest Davidson brother William joined the team, and in 1904, they created a second prototype, which premiered in a race at state fair park in Milwaukee. So it's three Davidson brothers. And one Harley, and he gets all the credit. Dude, that guy rules. I mean, Harley is a great name. Harley's a really good name, but I've been that guy's personality rules. To be able to three brothers and be like, no, I think I'm so proud of first. The company's first production bike, the Harley-Davidson model one, was formally introduced in 1905, and America's newest motorcycle manufacturer was officially off and running. In 19 O 6, Harley-Davidson had 6 employees and built a new 28 by 80 foot factory right there on chestnut street. Today, known as Juno avenue. Oh, I know, you know. Yeah, it's after that movie with Michael Cera. Juno, Rainn Wilson. It's quirky. Diablo Cody. Diablo Cody. This is where Bill Harley designed his first internal combustion engine. Harley-Davidson produced 50 bikes that year and released their first product catalog where they were nicknamed silent gray fellows. What? In reference to their love of dove gray paint. And quiet, reliability. Okay, it's that east coast gray were always looking for. That's an inside joke that. Neither of you worked here for. The first four months of donut. The company was officially incorporated in 1907, and it was time to give the founding fathers official titles. As for the three Davidson brothers, Walter was named president, Arthur, general sales manager, and secretary, and William became head of production. Meanwhile, Bill Harley, who completed his mechanical engineering degree from university of Wisconsin Madison that same year was the chief engineer and treasurer. Go badgers. Go badgers. That is so sick. I love that. Go badgers. Despite their growing success, William Harley wanted to take their bikes to the promised land, which for him meant building a two cylinder engine, which he did in 1909. With a displacement of 49.5 cubic inches and 7 hungry buff horsepowers the soon to be legendary V twin could reach speeds as high as 60 mph. Dude, in 1909, 1909, and I guarantee there's no suspension on that thing. I mean, scary as hell. Dude, that'd be awesome. I used to have a moped with a solid rear end. It was like a BMX bike. And it would go 60. Oh, God. It was awesome. You had to pedal it. That's sick. Shout out to Brighton bees in North Carolina. If you're still a company, they build really cool mopeds. Harley-Davidson's production rose to 3200 machines by 1910 and the bar and shield logo was used for the first time, which was sketched by the Davidson boys aunt, Janet. Shout out Janet. Great job. That's iconic. Aunt Janet, we need a logo. In 1911, Harley introduced the 7 D, their first model with a V twin engine. Three years later, the ten F featured the first V twin with two speeds and a step starter similar to the modern day KickStarter. The ten F was also the first model to use a chain rather than a leather drive belt, which would corrode much faster than metal. I mean, you know, bury a horse and bury a piece of metal. Come back 6 months later, tell me which one looks more different. One's gonna taste better. That's for sure. Yeah. We love horse kimchi. Based on Harley-Davidson's increasingly strong reputation, the U.S. Postal Service was using 4800 Harley bikes to deliver mail by 1914. Arthur Davidson also successfully expanded Harley-Davidson contracts with various police departments and the U.S. Military, which was fine timing. Considering a guy named Franz Ferdinand was about to be assassinated in Austria, leading to World War I. Said no one. No, I was letting you have this one. Take me out. Roughly 50% of Harley sales went to the U.S. Military for use in World War I. Hey guys, guess what? Probably charge triple. We got the military? And also guess what? The entire world is going to war. Oh no. Wait, what countries? All of them. Literally. All of them. Like we mentioned in the hells angels episodes. The motorcycles were mainly used for scouting on the battlefield, so you'd have some guy right up there and be like, okay, this is where the guys are and ride back. That would be a sick movie to make a movie about a World War I. That's cool. What do we call it? Scout it out. No, it'd have to be called, it had to be a certain time where a scout really helped the thing and the name of the movie is like latitude and longitude coordinate to be like, wow. Like 80 by one 60 west. I was going to say trench hoppers. Yeah, that's sick. Andrew Garfield stars. Oh, he is so in. Jon Hamm is in it. And Timothée Chalamet. He's in all of our movies. The company also opened their first service school, which operated as an army training facility for mechanics throughout the war. Did these guys are a good startup? Yeah. After the armistice was signed in November of 1918, Corporal Roy holtz was the first American soldier to cross into Germany, and he was riding, a Harley-Davidson, when he did it. Harley-Davidson became the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer in 1920, with over 2000 dealers in 67 countries. Wow. They started ten years earlier. Donut is 7 years old. We don't have any factories. A single factory. We don't even have a government contract. We don't even know. Additionally, a new facility was built on Juno avenue in Milwaukee, which still functions as the corporate office center today. I bet there's some nice bars down the street from that place. Oh, yeah, man. We're talking about Juno? Yeah. Yes, the why not three? Is it great? There's also the best chicken wing place in Milwaukee, east point. Dude, I gotta go back. We gotta go. I wasn't invited the first time. It's because I'm not fun. Harley also found marketing success by sponsoring several motorcycle racing teams around the country. Nicknamed the wrecking crew, the wildly popular teams competed against the likes of other early manufacturers like triumph and Indian motorcycles. In the early 20s, one faction of the wrecking crew started having a pig ride on the back of their bikes during the victory laps. That's sick. Fans began to refer to the crew as the oh my gosh. And thus, Harley's became known as hall.

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