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We've gotta crash on 1 28 Mike. Yes, It's the upper end of 1 28 Nicola 28 northbound locked up a couple of miles through Lindfield. It's the left lane crash before Salem streets Really right in the Linfield Wakefield line. Really? It doesn't matter. Too much high speed line before Salem Street. That's what you need to know. 1 28 South is jammed a mile down towards that scene. Velocity, Of course nearby. Well, not too far away. Route One North is backed up in Peabody. It's the right line crash before Lowell Street. So, yeah, Another problem there, Things are better to the south. With the expressway southbound. It's pretty much all these doubt from the tunnel down of the Braintree split. Northbound. Not so fast. It is jammed the smelting not passing upon its circle. 17 minutes, Braintree into Boston Route three on the South Shore is much better sore. The Cape Highways, the bridges, the canal roads, They're fine. Oh, downtown. We've got an issue. It's a crash. Three cars involved on the Leverett up ran after the gardens in the right lane. Delays are onto Storrow Drive. This report sponsored by Staples Stores. Staples Connect Can Help your business grow with custom printed sales and marketing materials right now get $20 off signs, banners or posters. When you spend 75 or more offer ends July 31 exclusions apply. Visit staples dot com slash signage staples connect the working and learning store. Mike WBC's traffic on the three Thanks, Mike. We have a severe thunderstorm warning up until 7 15 if you're in parts of central Massachusetts, right now, you know what I'm talking about. These storms marching along the line from Littleton, pretty much South Florida. Framingham,.

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