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Rid of that nickname not so much it wasn't that long ago that people are putting the oakland raiders on that same line or close to the line of the new england patriots and the pittsburgh steelers now it seems like they're in fox doesn't it it seems like all of a sudden things of what's going on here now the michael crabtree cut i boy down to this michael crabtree's down to jon gruden guy joyti nelson is a jon gruden guy here's why jon gruden when you get ten million dollars per year ten million dollars per year by the time his contract is up with the oakland raiders soon to be the las vegas raiders he's going to get one hundred million dollars one hundred million guaranteed money those checks are regular when you get paid that kind of money and let's be honest with the general manager reggie mckenzie this is john gruden's baby this is jon gruden steam he's the boss you want anybody on your team that's going to buy in if you have an inkling that they're not going to buy in you can't afford to have that kind of distraction in your locker room but they brand new team there are plenty of times last year outside of dropping passes that michael crabtree did not seem to be connected did not seem to be engaged a couple of times in the sidelines that he was losing his mind being upset about this that and the other thing as much of a control freak that jon gruden is the last thing he wants is that any kind of.

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