Social Media, Murder, North Korean discussed on MSU Basketball vs. Cleveland State


The fisher building news talk seven sixty wjr dr troy thirty three degrees cloudy skies here at six o'clock good evening everyone i'm marie osborne the un security council has unanimously approved tough new sanctions on north korea in response to the latest launch of a ballistic missile the pyongyang says is capable of reaching anyone anywhere in the united states here's un ambassador nikki haley should the north korean regime conduct another nuclear or ballistic missile test this resolution commits the security council to take even further action it sends the unambiguous message to pyonyang that further defiance will invite further punishment in isolation president trump signing a one point five trillion dollar tax bill into law before heading out to his christmas holiday and merrill ago the president in that a short uh interaction with the press in the oval office started talking about an infrastructure bill saying that he believes there will be bipartisan support for it listen to more of what the president said i really do believe a night said on social media today i re i really do believe we're going to have a lot of by partisan work done and maybe we start with infrastructure because i really believe infrastructure can be bipartisan twenty two year old justin pile of westland has charged with premeditated first degree murder in the stabbing death of his mother fifty year old janette leap paul he appeared in court today her body was discovered wednesday at the family's home and north wall street after the murder police say he took off and they had to undergo a man hunt to find him a police sergeant bob welke says this was possibly an ongoing feud in the family obviously if you'll claiming between us on asanin the mother that india goal personal in these families situations are ones in which longterm animosities have been building up people try to quell them in that all of a sudden they rise to the top and they can explode paul has pleaded not guilty to.

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