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Mall gye mud cost been now you out that podcast out and started listening i took my micro and found some human focused then i recalled it all the noises while name his boxster i want you to joy that's the hey how you doing podcasts at books in here just enjoying a country walk out in east anglia with my dog friend rosie on a beautiful evening in early june twenty eight teen thank you very much for joining us for podcast number seventy seven and this is a bit of a special one it's sponsored by art fund do you know about art fund rosie yet of course it's the national fundraising charity for art that's right they believe that ought can make you see think and feel differently and their national art pass is designed to encourage exactly that what do they do with the funds raised by the pas memberships ooh very perspicacious question for a whippet poodle cross if you don't mind me saying a fund that very feds was my breed got to do anything sorry i didn't mean to be offensive i apologise the funds to your question that they make from the past memberships help off fund to support innovative curator's and museums you can find out more by visiting ought fund dot org slash buxton cry that sounds pretty i'm going to do that now all right see you later that's it for the fund plugs for the time being there is a short mention later on during the conversation but tim pause a little bucket of entertaining scorn on the wall i do that and by tim of course i mean my guest this week british comedian actor and poet tim key i wanted to get tim on the podcast for longtime i've known him for many years now we've shed live bills on several occasions report did some bits and pieces on amanda we knew cheese showtime trumpet back in the mid nort's more recently tim read some of his festive poems on a show i did called adam buxton's shed of christmas that was on sky ons in twenty four team and i guess you can probably still find it there if you are a sky subscriber it's one of tim's biggest credits i know he's very proud of it i'm a big fan of tim's poems and i heart.

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