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Offer, compose a single item at regular price. 9 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS. And when it breaks to Bob Miller in the traffic Center on the Beltway in Montgomery County, on the interlude coming past New Hampshire Avenue, the crash was along the left side of the roadway believe it's now on the left shoulder. But the original crash has been there since about 6 30 Still there on the inter loop after the Baltimore Washington Parkway there, the tractor trailer was on its side and getting by and two lanes to their left. On the inner loop after the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Meanwhile, on 50 after Bay Bridge all's quiet 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway into 70 each running well. Still, some closures from the earlier storm activity with the heavy rain that did cause some flooding. Brandywine Road is still closed north and 2/3 1 as a result of that, and some other roads is still closed as well. A point of Route 53 notch road at Charlotte Haul Road You're getting by one lane in each direction, using the north bound lanes as there was damage block. The South bound lanes, and they're still working on that we also so I had some other closures on a stretch of Route five between Chaptico Road and Good Rick Lane at the same Clemens Creek now that may, in fact have been receding by now. Meanwhile, on Route six still close between 2 34 to 35 I should say right around just north of three Knights rode Maryland. Route six has been closed due to flooding. In Virginia. There is road work set up on the interlude from Braddock Road. Get up toward gallows. Two left lanes. Air getting by. Westbound, 66 has roadwork after suddenly road business to 34 getting by single file to the left and eastbound 66. And not only the crash is out of the roadway 3 95 and 95. Doing all right. And in the district did have the police action in Rock Creek Park way. Virginia Avenue should find traffic getting through now at M Street southeast at 11 Street had a crash blocking M Street at 11th just off the freeway. Be alert for that Bob Inland GOP traffics Get a check of the forecast now a storm team for meteorologists tomorrow. Theodore as we wrap up our Tuesday get ready to head through the overnight hours. Note that a stray shower storm is still possible moving in from the West,.

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