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He was hunting in our rock which is a now extinct shined of cow giant ox or something that lived in europe until the sixteen hundreds at secreted there were like these sabretoothed tiger yeah peers still around giant oxen that were wild the lived in europe until the 1600 k he was hunting a bull on or off ball that had a star on it and his lead hound was a um a bitch name moldova his female lead hound molda and in the pursuit of this starcrossed orok moldova fell into the river and drowned and so the moldova a river was named after this epic hunting talk that is a vetter origin story than anything we have in america right like a a an extinct megafauna with us star on it was hunted by avoiding road and a heroic hound it goes to its her death that is good stuff so they changed their name to moldova do they know about the english word mold great knowledge it's not a great work for us it's completely unrelated i just think it's it's it's tough on their brand they're the only country of mold and the new well but there are other things that are tougher on their brand one of them is that they're moldova is now the poorest country in europe but also after they declared independence the area around the least her river with a silent di wanted independence from moldova isn't malta already tiny it is very tiny it is a tiny tiny landlocked little tiny place that has had this had enormously tumultuous history and now a tinier part of moldova decided that it wanted independence and basically it is the area just around.

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