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Of life, right? And it's breaking financially. We can't do the standard of care anymore because it has failed miserably. So you call it a public health emergency white wise and everybody just jumping up down trying to fix it. The million dollar question. Yes. I mean, people should be right, and I think that we're seeing more and more that starting to happen. So when I entered this field. The idea that I was telling my patients to eat, a lot of fat was as you began to say, here's a, you know, here's the and people looked at me, weird cross-eyed all those kinds of things. But now I think that we have much more acceptance of this because people are understanding the basic physiology of it. The peer reviewed literature on this is becoming, you can't ignore it anymore. It's it's robust, it's robust, and then everybody knows somebody who's done this and improved their health. Right. And so that's really important as well. And so I think that we're seeing this grow. I think the momentum is behind really allowing patients to take control of their health and reverse out of this disease. And I just think step one, I really wish would be a complete consensus. That reversal is thing. It's possible. I think that we could get agreement from all aspects of experts. In nutrition in chronic disease management on that, and we just need to push that into the public arena so that people can be aware not only the people who are suffering from type two diabetes, but the healthcare providers who are taking care of them. So. So other risks. Eugenic thought. So the people who shouldn't follow a key to genyk diet are patients with something called hyper Kylo Micron, Mia. And this is like one in over ten thousand people. Okay. This rare disease, those people should probably not do. Kita, genyk diet. I don't know anyone else who shouldn't. Gallbladder. People often complain. I can't digest. We have plenty of our patients don't have their gallbladder, right? So we have patients who have had organ transplants who do well on Akita genyk diet, anyone who has metabolic issues and thrive on Keita genyk diet if it is done. Right. And that's, that's another thing with our. Exactly. That's. That's with our verte treatment. We ensure that it is done, right? So it has the right macro and micronutrient content and we avoid things. You know, one of the things people talk about all the time is, oh, I can't do that flew. I don't feel well. Well, if that happens, you're not getting enough salt. It's a, we need to teach people my museum. Exactly. We need to magnesium. And so these are things that again, it takes expert to help coach people. What about the whole fiber and and the microbiome changes that happen attack. There's been question about whether that safe or not. Well, you know, I think that the micro biomass is a huge factor. And I think the thing is that we get diversity of our vegetables in Akita genyk diet, and patients are consuming things like nut. So they that this has to be very low fiber. Diet is actually not the case. I mean, we are encouraging fiber in our patients all the time. Through the vegetables, right through nuts and vegetables and seeds. So fifty grams of fiber. So maybe fifty grams, but you can certainly get a lot in a lot of diversity. And the other really interesting thing that had liked to seize studied is the reason that we talk about fiber and gut health is that the fiber breakdown produce short chain, fatty acids in the gut, right? They feed the gut lining, lots of positives come out of that, but one of those short chain, fatty acids that's produced with fiber is beauty. Now, wait a minute, and our patients have elevated beta hydroxy you'd rate. So one of the other questions that we need more research on is wait a minute. Is that alone good? Not to say we're not encouraging fiber because we do. I mean, that's heart of a well-formulated. Kita. Genyk diet is definitely fiber from those non starchy vegetables, nuts and seeds. But we also. May be getting a dish. It'll colon health from the beta hydroxybutyrate as well that you produce as a result of additional toast. In your credible. So how do you see all this playing out? I mean, you were just going to be struggling the next thing trying to convince everybody that we should do this, or you think is gonna shift? I think.

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