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On under the auspices of the team on your field of play football. All these teams have private practice facilities. And things like that where you can do what you need to do to work. On your game hockey you have a limited amount of time on the ice surface. You have to find other ways to hone your skills. So when i see a lot of players who struggle i evan wonder how are we making them better. How are they committing to making them better. And that's one of the things. I wonder about with a guy like aikman. Larson you can say okay. We need to make him better. How're you committing to doing that. And there's also the feeling elliott that at a certain age you can't get better. I think that is bs generally in life now because we have a longer understanding of our our primes or longer in athletics. Now it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be at the top of the top of the top but you can still be very good. Are you to it with your body. Do you eat the right things. Do you work out lebron james. I was listening to him on a podcast and the first thing that his trainer asked him every morning is how much sleep did you get last night a question. I would fail almost all of the time. I really believe you take care of yourself properly and as a reporter. I'm the antithesis of that. Like i i can report forever. Hopefully so i don't need to take care of nobody but i believe you can extend your ability as a player. Extend not necessarily your best but you can extend it a very high level for a longer time. If you are committed to doing the right things eating sleeping working out taking care of your body. But the thing i often wonder about jeff is in hockey because of the nature of the rink. And how much time you have access to the rink. Do we really do the best job of tinkering with our players. And when i look at ackman larson. That's what i wonder about. West coast travel schedule harder to practice. How do you maximize getting back to his game. I think a clear start. A fresh start will really help them. But how do you maximize the technical stuff. That's what vancouver vancouver has to have a plan while someone and we'll stick with the western conference on this one and stick with the theme of defenseman who's Who's owned a lot of those skills at the tender age of twenty. Two is kale macara. Yup and he's got a real sweet deal six years fifty four million dollars Yes folks set an av of nine million for kale macara thoughts on this steele elliott. We knew it will be a walker. We it would be huge. People say well how come so set. Jones got eighty six million kill macara only got fifty four. What a stupid contract. What is stupid comparison. It's not apples to apples. Says jones contract all you. Faa years and kill makarios contract was one ufa. I thought it was too. But i was by his agent. Brian bartlett that his first year of ten playoff games did not qualify towards unrestricted free agency. Because he wasn't on the roster long enough right so the only bought one year of you six times nine at five restricted years is an unprecedented contract and avalanche. He was their number one priority. More so than landis goggin group our because he is going to win one if not multiple norris trophies and he is a unique player..

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