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The astros got garrett cole justin verlander charlie freaking morton it's it's a it's a bit of a different beast i i mckee bets when he comes back is he is he the same guy jd martinez is a freaking revelation he still underappreciated which which is amazing he and he's talked about it too and i think he's got a point when he looks at the going back to social media the social media presence with major league baseball and they've got their guys they've got the ones that they want to pump up and broadcast and celebrate and tweet out there accomplishments and videos and highlights and things like that and they've got the ones they don't jd martinez seems to be in the latter category for some reason i don't know if that's why he's been underappreciated on ovitz because he's bounced around to different teams not that that's exactly earth shattering or unprecedented but you're looking at a guy and i said it all off season just looking at the numbers i mean the stanton acquisition in new york and the amount of buzz that generate rated relative to the martinez acquisition in boston and jd martinez has been the better hitter and it's just it's not even close statistically it's just not close while and help those stanton people realize now those who are screaming and stopping for the red sox to go after stanton when smart folks like me telling me jd martinez was was certainly for the money the better signing boston taxicab tweet that too that's my if my best friend that's my my burn you know i do have i do have one twitter account that i made a long time ago i i don't even know what the password is i did at one point a what i thought would be funny what's the handle on i'm not telling you that why not.

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