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Eat from them and it's known for starting on the always or the the army's first back in the old days back in in Viking times people thought that the ravens eating the ice on a dead man's off the battle would see the loss things that the dead man's soul and then they would fly off and tell Odin the king of the gold also the king all four years so that within walls in a way full see in you everything that's happened in in a bottle and when you see depictions of old and you'll often see him either with two birds flying beside him or having what looks like a horned helmet but the horns of actually birds and kind of part of the men of a part of the set and the the super seven name the call of the Fulton nine they all in the crossfire fairly close relatives of the crow but instead of going golden eagle kind of more musical and with the open space and a slight echo effect you get from the mall slash not a bad song little finally under and I reached our destination a plus so high up the mountain with the lake filling in the crater and rising above is a range of snow capped peaks shrouded in mist this is the place this is the place makes a sacred place whereas if you can figure the the energy here you can fill the atmosphere changing as we descended down from the edge of the crater the monsoonal went all kind of unusual because they have a large amount to lakes that has to do with the basic underlying geology of the mountains we have this gentle rolling top surface to the mountains where this room full lakes the temperature is a low so we have a little lakes with fish in them and of course some without Fishin them and especially in these Borg areas for the two small fish we have mosquito on the house N. Norma's amounts of them sometimes when they walk into the mountains you can see almost like a gray fold wrote a scene from the heather and that's the mosquito and then in a if you're one of those sultry efforts to mostly those that you're in for a rough follow and on the upside all these will skittles can be eaten by someone unless the reason not to have migratory birds in the with the don't calm.

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